See The Cast Of Lost Reunite For A Bittersweet And Rare Reunion

Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway, and Harold Perrineau shared a rare reunion picture featuring part of the cast of Lost.

By Mark McKee | Published

2004 was a year that changed television with the debut of numerous series that would change the industry’s landscape for the next decade. Hugh Laurie would arrive on the scene as the abrasive but brilliant doctor in HouseEntourage would give some fictionalized insight into the life of Mark Wahlberg, while Veronica Mars and Deadwood would usher in the arrivals of Kristen Bell and Timothy Olyphant, respectively. But one of the most influential tv series of all time, Lost, is perhaps the most important series debuting that year, and 18 years later, we can see three stars reuniting on Daniel Dae Kim’s Instagram. 

The post sees Kim posing with two of his Lost co-stars, Harold Perrineau and Josh Holloway, along with a caption referring to all of them as the Rafties. The trio makes up 75% of the group of people who attempted to flee the island on a makeshift raft early in the series, making it a reunion of failed escape. The comment section sees a few of their other co-stars speak up on the post, Emilie de Ravin, who played Claire, and Rebecca Mader, who played Charlotte, loving the post. 

Daniel Dae Kim portrayed Jin, a Korean survivor with his wife, Sun, who spoke no English and isolated himself from the group at the beginning of the series. He later learned English along with his wife, who contributed to the group’s missions until they died together while drowning on a submarine. Kim moved on from Lost, and while appearing in numerous movies like David Harbour‘s Hellboy, his most significant project since has been his 168 episodes on the Hawaii Five-0 remake. 

Josh Holloway appeared on Lost as one of the primary protagonists, the abrasive, often offensive, and difficult Sawyer. He was known for his southern charm, his ability to use his past as a con man to accomplish the nefarious means he often set out for, and of course, his numerous nicknames for virtually everyone on the island. He began as part of the love triangle between Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and Jack (Matthew Fox) before finding a committed relationship with Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell). 

Harold Perrineau, Daniel Dae Kim, and Josh Holloway on Lost

Harold Perrineau had a twenty-year career before landing on the island in Lost, appearing most prominently as Link in the two Matrix sequels. Once on the island as Michael Dawson, he used his time as a construction worker to assist in building the raft and shelter, and also to bond with his estranged son. After his sacrifice with the bomb on the freighter, the actor has been in numerous big series and films as one of the most prominent character actors in the industry. 

Seeing the three together again has fans feeling the need for a revival, despite the divisive ending to the six-season run that shocked everyone with the revelation that everyone on the island was in purgatory. With the comments section blowing up with 86,000 likes, comments of support, and excitement continuing to roll in, creator JJ Abrams has to be paying attention and considering returning the world of the lost as well.