Carrie Fisher Lost A Role In The Best Mystery Movie Ever Made For A Scary Reason

Carrie Fisher was meant to portray Miss Scarlet in Clue, but entering rehab for drug addiction stopped her from getting the role.

By James Brizuela | Published

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Carrie Fisher has held a legendary career, simply because she became the iconic Princess Leia in the Star Wars universe. However, she was also meant to be cast in the best murder mystery movie ever made, Clue. Apparently, Fisher was meant to portray Miss Scarlet in the hit whodunnit but saw her role disappear after entering rehab for drug addiction just four days before production was meant to start.

Apparently, when Carrie Fisher went into rehab, she still managed to get approval from writer/director Jonathan Lynn, the producers, and the clinicians at the rehab facility. However, it was the production’s insurance company that vetoed her involvement, which would see Lesley Ann Warren take the coveted role. Coincidentally, Fisher overdosed on prescription and sleeping pills in 1985, the year Clue was released.

Clue followed the hugely popular board game, when six strangers arrive at a mansion, and are thrust into the murder of the seventh guest: Mr. Boddy. The guests are given pseudonym nicknames to hide their identities: Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, and Miss Scarlet (who Carrie Fisher was meant to portray). Now, with Mr. Boddy dead and more bodies piling up, the perpetrator must be found.

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Carrie Fisher had been quite vocal about her drug addiction issues, telling numerous stories about how she was addicted to cocaine while filming The Empire Strikes Back. Fisher had stated she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and the drugs she abused helped her to feel normal. She would abuse cocaine and prescription pills like Percodan to “dial down” her manic episodes.

Carrie Fisher would eventually be treated with electroconvulsive therapy, which she admitted on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The ECT treatments were administered to her around every six weeks to help treat her bipolar disorder. She revealed that she had stopped receiving the treatments back in 2014.

Carrie Fisher died from cardiac arrest in December 2016, while at the airport. She had stopped breathing and was found to be unresponsive when paramedics arrived on the scene. After spending four days in the ICU, she passed away.

Doctors determined that Carrie Fisher had cocaine, traces of heroin, MDMA, and other prescription drugs in her system. However, they could not determine when she had taken any or all of those substances. The investigation into her death also did not determine whether the drugs in her system aided in her death.

Despite her struggles with mental illness and drug addiction, Carrie Fisher has still been one of the most beloved actresses in the entire world. As previously mentioned, she was the stubborn and smooth-talking Princess Leia, a role that would define the type of personality that Fisher also had. When she passed away, tributes from women all over the world heralded Fisher as the biggest inspiration in their lives.

Carrie Fisher may have had her struggles with mental illness and drug addiction, but it never stopped her from being vocal about it and wanting to help people who were scared to talk about those issues find their own voices. Fisher will always be the most important princess in all our lives, and the support and love when she died further proved that fact. Long live, Princess Leia.