Carol Is Back To Baking Cookies In The Walking Dead’s Violent Final Season Trailer

On The Walking Dead Carol and cookies make for a dangerous combo!

By Carolyn Jenkins | Updated

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With The Walking Dead’s long and violent past, there is a lot to remember about the series. A decade after the zombie apocalypse show premiered, The Walking Dead is entering its final season. AMC has revealed the final trailer season 11B and there is a lot to unpack. But one of the standout moments of the trailer is Carol (Melissa McBride) returning to what she does best — baking cookies.

In the trailer, Carol emerges from a door, carrying a plate of cookies. Fans of the show will remember that this tradition spans back to season 5. Back in the days when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was taking Alexandria for his own, Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol were his confidantes. After all they had been through they knew they needed protection. And since Alexandria would not give up leadership willingly, Rick devised a plan to obtain the gun cache. This plan included Carol sneaking away to steal them. But as MTV pointed out, what Carol does makes her the most dangerous character in The Walking Dead.

the walking dead carol
Carol and her cookies from Season 5’s “Not Tomorrow Yet”
The Walking Dead Carol
Carol and her cookies in the Season 11B trailer

Carol’s character in The Walking Dead developed well from meek housewife to a cunning killer, which made her a perfect Trojan horse. Carol blended into the community by wearing pastel sweaters and baking everyone cookies with a smile. Her friendly demeanor lulled Alexandria into a false sense of security enough so she could sneak away and steal the guns. But in the end, the cookies backfired on her. When sneaking away for the guns, Jessie’s (Alexandra Breckenridge) son Sam (Major Dodson) follows her, intent on getting those cookies. There is just something about them that was irresistible. Sam catches Carol in the act of her theft, but she doesn’t let the fact that he’s a child get in her way.

Sam is insistent that he will tell his mother but Carol doesn’t let that happen. In fact, she threatens the child with a smile, saying that he should rethink what he saw. And if he doesn’t tell anyone, not only will she not steal him from his bed, but he’ll get all the cookies he wants. Carol’s cookie storyline proves how formidable she has become. She is a far cry from who she used to be in season 1, turning into a survivor who will do anything to make sure they their group lives. Carol has come a long way and is the most capable person in The Walking Dead. Seeing Carol with cookies again strikes fear in the hearts of many.

If the trailer is any indication, Carol needs to provide all the help she can. In the final season of The Walking Dead, the stakes are high. The newest adversary against the main group is The Commonwealth. This society is the biggest that the group has ever encountered, even having their own governor. Though The Commonwealth offers safety and security, there is a catch. As there always is in The Walking Dead, things are not what they appear. With a caste system, people who don’t fit in are rejected. Maggie and the rest of the crew will have a lot to face when season 11 of The Walking Dead premieres on February 20th.