Carey Mulligan Is Making A Space Movie With A Comedy Legend

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

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Carey Mulligan isn’t yet known for roles in science-fiction movies or comedies, but she’s about to change all of that. The Oscar-nominated actress is now set to star in the new Adam Sandler science-fiction movie Spaceman, previously titled Spaceman of Bohemia. Mulligan is on board to play Adam Sandler’s wife, Lenka, for the Netflix production.

While Spaceman is a Netflix movie, it’s not being produced by Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production company. The movie is going to have a comedic tone. We don’t yet know exactly what that tone will be. However, we’re not expecting to see The Ridiculous 6 or something more serious like Uncut Gems. This is going to be a different project for Sandler, and a different one from what we’ve seen Carey Mulligan in as well.

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Spaceman is based on the book Spaceman of Bohemia by Jaroslav Kalfar. The story will see Adam Sandler, an astronaut, traveling to the edge of the galaxy to collect ancient dust. When he returns home, he finds that his life on Earth has fallen to shambles. This likely means marital problems between Adam Sandler and Carey Mulligan. In the novel, the pair have trouble between them as he has ignored their marriage for his career ambitions. As Sandler is lost, he turns to a voice in the darkness to help him through. That voice belongs to a giant alien spider, who is possibly imaginary.

This is the fifth project that Carey Mulligan has signed on for at Netflix. Previously, she has starred in Mudbound, The Dig, Collateral, and the upcoming Bradley Cooper movie, Maestro. A lot of her work has been on the more serious side. She was in The Great Gatsby as Daisy and starred in many historical dramas.

Ten years ago, Carey Mulligan earned an Oscar nomination for An Education. She has said that afterward, she was able to be in many great roles she wouldn’t have been in otherwise. Suffragette and Never Let Me Go wouldn’t have been offered to her if she hadn’t been nominated, she told Entertainment Weekly. About that time in her life, she said that she wished she’d enjoyed it more and had more fun.

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Just recently, Carey Mulligan has been nominated for an Oscar yet again. This time for her role in the thriller Promising Young Woman. She’s already looking at having more fun in her life this time around. She’s talking to Entertainment Weekly about wearing pink fuzzy slippers on the red carpet, is embracing the oddities that come with a virtual Oscars event, and is signing on for fun movies like the role in Spaceman.

In the novel, the relationship between Carey Mulligan’s character and her husband is fairly central to the story, though it’s unclear how big her role in the movie will be at this point. It’s worth noting that Mulligan was an oddly aged choice for Adam Sandler’s wife. Sandler is currently 54 years old. Carey Mulligan is 35 years old. That is sort of a Hollywood standard, but one that has been criticized more notably in recent years.

Currently, we aren’t sure when Spaceman will begin filming. It was originally set to start in February 2021. We’ll have to wait for filming to begin to get a better idea of a release date for the Netflix production.