See Cardi B Try To Tame A Massive Deadly Snake In New Series

By Tyler Pisapia | 13 seconds ago

cardi b snake

Cardi B proved somewhat fearless once again after she met a bevy of wild animals, including a massive python snake, for her new social media series Cardi Tries.

The Bojack Yellow rapper stars in a Messenger series, done in partnership with Facebook, that fans can watch on either the Messenger app or Instagram. The series sees her speak with experts and get a crash course in things like the ballet, cooking, ranching, and more. The latest episode took Cardi B and fellow musician Chloë Bailey on a trip to Sylmar, Calif. Where they visited the Wildlife Learning Center. 

In a preview for the episode that the Grammy-winning artist shared on Instagram Friday, the two singers can be seen meeting veterinarian and wildlife expert Dr. Evan Antin. He introduces them to a slew of animals including a porcupine that is pregnant, who Cardi B referred to as a “nasty pricky girl,” as well as an owl that flapped its wings at her and made a terrible first impression. However, perhaps the scariest of the beasts was a massive reticulated python.

The first part of the preview sees Cardi B meet the snake and start mimicking it with her own tongue flickers. According to Reptile Magazine, the reticulated python was originally bred in Indonesia and Malaysia. It has since become a favorite of zoo and pet owners due to its beautiful scales and ease of care. However, they’re not for the average pet owner as they also mark one of the world’s longest snake breeds on the planet. The outlet notes that an adult reticulated python can be as long as 32 feet and weigh about 350 pounds. While the average size is roughly 10 to 20 feet long, it’s still nothing to keep in the average home. 

Still, despite its size and musculature, People notes in its preview of the episode that Cardi B was unafraid of the snake. She noted that her WAP music video shoot made her relatively unafraid of large snakes. As fans will remember, WAP saw Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion perform while covered in snakes. The artist noted that one peed on her during the shoot, which pretty much assuaged her of any fear of large snakes. Perhaps no one told her there is much worse than a massive snake can do to a human being besides pee on them — although that’s still a day-ruiner. 

Meanwhile, the outlet notes that, while Cardi B was cool and calm around the snake, she struggled to keep her composure with some of the other animals she met during her visit to the Wildlife Learning Center. At one point, Dr. Antin tries to introduce her to an armadillo, prompting the rapper to shriek and move backward. In the preview on her Instagram, she can’t help but admit that she didn’t like meeting the Eurasian eagle-owl one bit. 

cardi b snake

People reports that Cardi B met other animals that day including an American alligator, a sub-Saharan African sulcata tortoise, and her new best friend, the “nasty” porcupine.