See Cara Delevingne In A Sexy Plunging Neckline Suit

Cara Delevingne wears a gorgeous suit in her latest social media post.

By Douglas Helm | Published

Cara Delevingne just took to Instagram to post come fits from her collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and she looks as amazing as ever. The outfit features a plunging neckline on a perfectly tailored black suit. Delevingne introduced the Cara Loves Karl collection a few weeks ago on her Instagram and now she’s serving up stunning looks featuring some of the collection’s pieces.

Karl Lagerfeld was a legendary fashion designer and long-time creative director of Fendi and Chanel. Lagerfeld left a void in the fashion world when he passed away in 2019. This collection from Cara Delevingne definitely seems like a fitting tribute.

Most recently, Cara Delevingne appeared in the hit TV series Only Murders in the Building alongside Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin. Only Murders in the Building follows three strangers living in an apartment building who become wrapped up in real true crime case and start a podcast to document it. Cara Delevingne joined the cast in the second season and will hopefully return for the third season, though that remains to be seen.

cara delevingne
Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez in Only Murders in the Building

Cara Delevingne will also be featured in the upcoming project Tell It Like a Woman that will show different stories of inspiring and empowering stories of women all over the world. The segements will feature Delevingne, Jennifer HudsonPauletta Washington, Margherita Buy, Marcia Gay Harden, Eva Longoria, Leonor Varela, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anne Watanabe. The different segments will be directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi, Lucia Puenzo, Catherine Hardwicke, Leena Yadav,  Mipo O, and Taraji P. Henson.

While we haven’t seen Cara Delevingne in a film since 2020, she has a couple of big projects lined up for the near future. The first of which will be the eco-thriller The Climb that tells the story of a group of female Greenpeace activists who climb the tallest building in Europe to protest Shell’s plans to drill into the Artic. The film is written and will be the directorial debut of visual effects art director Haley Easton Street.

Cara Delevingne is also set to star as Lucy in heist thriller Punk with Sylvester Stallone executive producing. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Punk will also co-star rappers Vince Staples and Machine Gun Kelly. The thriller will follow Peter (Vince Staples) who goes on a road trip with some drifting runaways after he receives a rejection letter.

Cara Delevingne and Machine Gun Kelly will star as brother and sister in the project. As Peter falls for Lucy, he learns that the runaways he joined up with are bank robbers planning to rob for the greater good. Punk will also be the feature debut of Australian filmmaker and commercial director Richard Hughes, who also pens the screenplay.

While there aren’t any release dates set yet for The Climb and Punk, you can catch Cara Delevingne’s performance in Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. Meanwhile, we can likely expect to see more of Delevingne’s collection for Karl Lagerfeld in the near future. Make sure to stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with the latest on Delevingne’s projects.