Cancelled NBC Show Gets A Worrisome Update

By Tristan Zelden | 1 month ago

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After being cancelled three weeks ago, the cast of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was potentially going to land on a new deal to continue the series. It would have been a chance for fans to keep going with the show. But Deadline reports that this has become even less likely and we might be seeing the end.

Before getting cancelled, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist appeared on NBC. Lionsgate Television was looking for a new platform, possibly even to Peacock as it already is on the streaming service, but that is not the case. If it has a chance, it is believed that it would continue the story as a miniseries or a movie that would concisely wrap it up rather than going for a multi-seasoned series. To do the latter, contracts would need to be created and signed for Jane Levy (Don’t Breathe), Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect), Alex Newell (Glee), John Clarence Stewart (Luke Cage), Andrew Leeds (Veep), Alice Lee (The Real Bros of Simi Valley), Michael Thomas Grant (Roadies), Kapil Talwalkar (Prep School), and Mary Steenburgen (Melvin and Howard).

When Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was cancelled, series creator Austin Winsberg tried to rally fans to support the series for a revival. He said that he could not “believe the show is dead.” He urged fans who wanted for it to continue to tweet using the hashtag #saveZoeysplaylist. If he got his wish granted, it would not be the first time a show got shutdown then picked back up. For example, Brooklyn Nine-Nine went through a Fox cancellation then went to NBC, where it will end on with its upcoming final season. Lucifer pulled something similar off going to Netflix. It’s not unheard of to move from network to streaming, but it also isn’t easy.

The cancelled series centered on Zoey Clarke, played by Levy, who after an event occurring was granted the power to hear people’s thoughts and desires, but only through songs. An interesting premise for sure, but one they failed to capitalize on. The comedy-drama-musical lasted for two seasons where the first premiered last year for 12 episodes. The second, and final season went for 13 episodes. Then it was given the axe three and a half weeks after its finale.

Winsberg served as a lead writer of his cancelled show with a whole team assisting on writing episodes. Lindsey Rosin (South of Nowhere), Zora Bikangaga (Drunk History), and Alicia Carroll (Fishing: The Series) were the other top writers who wrote the most episodes compared to the rest of the staff.

While Winsberg did not direct, he did have a whole team who each directed a handful of episodes of the cancelled series with extensive experience with TV shows. John Terlesky (The Blacklist), Adam Davidson (Community), and Anya Adams (The Good Place) directed the most episodes out of everyone.

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The music department had an experienced staff behind the cancelled musical with talent that spread from music-centered comedies to hit sitcoms. It consisted of Bo Boddie (Glow), Craig Wedren (School of Rock), Mateo Messina (Juno), and Gabriel Mann (Modern Family).

People who missed out before Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist was cancelled can check it out on Peacock or Hulu.