A Canceled Series Is Still Continuing Filming For A Second Season

By James Brizuela | Updated

jake johnson minx

Canceled shows seem to be commonplace these days, especially for HBO Max, which has been overhauling its content to make way for the merger it will have with Discovery+. One of the shows that have been canceled is Minx, though it is still going to continue filming its second season. Star of Minx, Jake Johnson, shared the news on Instagram, which you can see below, while he campaigned for the show to be picked up by another network.

The good thing is Jake Johnson can be happy that Minx is allowing the show to continue, despite it being canceled, and the series being removed from the streaming platform altogether. It will be interesting to see what is going to come of the series now that it has been pulled from being able to be seen. We would imagine that production not being halted means that HBO Max, or Warner Bros. Discovery, is allowing the show to be shopped to other companies currently.

Warner Bros. Discovery is in the process of landing a massive deal that would see DC-branded content being streamed on Amazon Prime Video, so maybe the company might also strike deals with other streamers to pass over some other content so that it can make up for the alleged $3.5 billion of its budget that must be cut. Minx is just one of the many shows that have sadly been canceled in the wake of media companies trying to further cement themselves into the world of streaming. Jakes Johnson certainly feels like the show would be or could be picked up, so we commend him for believing in that fact.


Minx follows a young woman in the 1970s, who joins a low-rent publisher to put out the first woman’s erotic magazine. Ophelia Lovibond stars in the series and portrays Joyce Prigger along with Jake Johnson, who portrays Doug Renetti. The series currently has a very impressive 97% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, though the audience rating is a poor 37%. Audiences matter a great deal in this aspect, as the streaming numbers for the series could be too low for another company to pick it up, despite critics loving the show.

Minx jumping from HBO Max to another streaming company would also not be out of the realm of possibility, as canceled shows have often found new life at new companies. Jakes Johnson also seems quite adamant about saving the show. He has likely worked extremely hard to keep it alive, the same with the rest of the cast and crew. We hope there is good news for Johnson soon.

For now, fans can watch the first season of Minx on HBO Max right now. However, it might be some time before the second season returns to a streamer, but with Warner Bros. Discovery doing some deals right now, the series could also return sooner than we think. Anyone who happens to be a fan of Jake Johnson and Minx can also help by sharing his social media posts to save the series from total cancelation.