Canceled HBO Max Series Is Coming Back With A New Network And A New Spin-Off

HBO Max show, FBoy Island, is being rescued from cancelation and picked up by The CW, with the spin-off FGirl Island also in the works.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

fboy island
FBoy Island

After recently announcing the cancelation of fan-favorite reality series FBoy Island, HBO Max has been facing the heat from audiences who tuned in for the show during its two-season run. Luckily, The CW is coming in to swoop up the series as Deadline reports that the network has made a move to pick the show up for a third season. Adding to the joy that fans must be feeling, the network revealed that they plan to also move forward with a spinoff – FGirl Island.

According to the initial report, the battle over FBoy Island was a major one, with the recently bought-out network finally winning over several other bidders. But, in their coverage, Deadline warned readers not to get too excited as the t’s haven’t been crossed nor the i’s dotted on the deal that would see the reality show landing on Nexstar’s network. Regardless of this caution, knowing that the project has drummed up a slew of interest among potential buyers, it’s almost a sure thing that it will be coming back via one outlet or another.

While FBoy Island was an immediate hit, climbing to the top of HBO Max’s unscripted content, the show, like many others, got canned during the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. Another good one lost too soon, it joined ranks with other popular titles, including Gossip Girl, Pennyworth, and South Side, in getting the ax. These big changes came a short time after DC Studios decided to swing in a different direction, with productions like Titans and Doom Patrol confirming cancellations after multiple seasons on the air. 

fboy island

On the other side of things, those following Nexstar’s takeover of The CW may be surprised to hear that the company is picking up a new program. Known for being the home of some top titles in teenage drama, the network unveiled its plans to ditch projects like Riverdale, The Flash, and Nancy Drew and move more towards targeting its older demographic with multi-cam shows. With this game plan in mind, obtaining FBoy Island seems like a strange strategy for the company as the reality series is definitely geared towards a younger audience.

On the other hand, the acquisition would go along with the plan to lean away from scripted series.

During its two-season run on HBO Max, FBoy Island took reality show contestants on a vacation to the Cayman Islands to follow three women on their search for love. Hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, the ladies come face to face with 24 men – 12 of whom refer to themselves as “Nice Guys” who are in it for love, with the other half being made up of “FBoys” who are only there to make some cash. Working with each other to decide who’s in it to win it and who’s stringing them along, the women date around to try and find their prince charming before the show’s finale separates the game players from the real husband material.

With a third season almost a sure thing, we can’t wait to see what The CW has in the works for the return of FBoy Island. Flipping the script, we’re also pumped to see how things play out when FGirl Island introduces us to three men looking for love amidst a split group of marriage-minded women and self-proclaimed “FGirls.”