Canceled Batman Movie Would Have Brought Back The Best Villain

By James Brizuela | Published

micheal keaton batman michelle pfeiffer

DC seems to be in limbo with its current slate of movies, and more news seems to keep pouring out about canceled movies that would have been amazing to see. The newest gut punch to DC fans was the confirmation that Michael Keaton would have a solo movie, and that movie would have been the Batman Beyond story. However, to add even more salt to this wound was that this Batman standalone movie was aimed to bring back Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, leading to a steamy romance between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne.

Now, you are likely asking how it would be that Batman would bring back Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, considering the consensus is that she died in Batman Returns after kissing Max Shreck and injecting both her and Schreck with enough electricity to kill an entire village. However, we all know that if a body is not found, then that means that person is likely, not dead. Kyle could have survived the electrical storm and been in hiding since we last saw her.

batman michelle pfeiffer catwoman

Everyone considers Michael Keaton to be the perfect on-screen Batman, in the same way, that Michelle Pfeiffer is considered to be the best Catwoman. Reuniting both would have been amazing. The idea for this movie would be that Keaton appears as the older and grizzled Bruce Wayne in The Flash, and then it leads into his own solo movie that introduces the world to the live-action version of Terry McGinnis, who we all know portrays Batman in Batman Beyond.

The Batman Beyond script had apparently been penned by Christina Hodson, who worked on The Flash and Batgirl. However, this project has since been scrapped now that this new DC Cinematic Universe plan is being put in place by James Gunn and Peter Safran. However, the good news is that both Gunn and Safran “love” Terry McGinnis, so there could possibly be a future Batman Beyond plan in the works, which hopefully involves Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer.

When asked by The Hollywood Reporter back in April about the possibility of returning to the Batman universe, Michelle Pfeiffer responded with, “I’d consider it.” This short response was likely brought on by the excitement surrounding the return of Michael Keaton as The Caped Crusader. Hopefully, Keaton’s appearance in The Flash is going to provide more than just one cameo.

We do know that Matt Reeves’s The Batman 2 is currently safe, as is the rest of the expanded universe he is working on. It wouldn’t make sense for Michael Keaton’s Batman or Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman to crossover with that universe, so Keaton passing the torch to another Batman might confuse everyone. Still, we hope that once Reeves’s universe is done, we can see this proposed Batman Beyond story come to life again.

For now, everyone will have to patiently wait and see what is to come of Michael Keaton and his big Batman cameo in The Flash. We would even be happy if once whatever time portal is opened, we get to see Batman and Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) standing next to one another.