Bryan Cranston Asked An Avenger To Save One Of His Movies

Bryan Cranston asked Paul Rudd for comedy advice for the movie Why Him?

By Jesse Chagnon | Updated

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Paul Rudd

Malcolm In the Middle star and current fan favorite for the role of Commissioner Gordon, Bryan Cranston recently appeared on First We Feast’s Hot Ones and revealed that he asked Marvel star Paul Rudd for advice on his 2016 movie Why Him? The Breaking Bad actor admitted he felt the comedy veteran could add some humor to the script, so he gave Rudd a call and asked for his thoughts. Bryan Cranston said: “So, I called Paul, and I said, ‘Paul, you’ve worked on these movies before, the script seems just kind of there. There’s some funny situations and such, but it doesn’t wow.'”

Cranston is no stranger to acting, having been on screen since the early 1990s, but even experienced actors need help from their friends once in a while. So Bryan Cranston turned to Paul Rudd for advice and it would seem the Ant-Man star delivered some great advice on taking the lines from the script and adding to them, which Cranston delivered in the usual style of Hot Ones while eating spicy hot wings.

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The Breaking Bad star added that Paul Rudd gave him some advice from his years working on comedy films. Bryan Cranston described how Rudd informed him how a movie like this featuring an ensemble cast relies on the cast to take the script and make it their own by trying new things in the pursuit of comedy. He said that shooting the scenes as written only gets you so far, and sometimes an actor will throw out a line that is just too good so the rest of the actors will add on to that, and then they add on to the add-ons.

According to Rudd, soon you’ve got a totally different scene from the script which can really increase the laughs. Improvisational comedy has been very popular in recent times, and Paul Rudd is no stranger to a little improv. Cranston relayed his story while eating hot wings, and wiping his brow.

Continuing, Bryan Cranston gleefully noted how some of his improvisations ended up in the final film. The actor noted that his instincts for comedy were not always the best despite appearing in many comedies over the years, so he appreciated the assistance from Paul Rudd. Bryan Cranston also said that the advice Paul Rudd gave him struck a chord with the long-time actor, and even made it into the film itself.

While sweating off the effects of the hot wings, Bryan Cranston seems to have really taken Paul Rudd’s advice to heart, which may hopefully lead to a more comedic movie from the Malcolm in the Middle and Seinfeld star. With a comedy legend helping him tweak the script, it can only have helped the humor in the film.

Having been involved in many comedies during his long career as an actor, Bryan Cranston clearly isn’t afraid to take advice from his fellow actor Paul Rudd. Featuring Cranston, James Franco, and Zoey Deutch with a story by Jonah Hill, along with some comedic help from Rudd, Why Him? should deliver plenty of laughs.