Bryan Cranston Wants To Make A Movie About His Silliest Role

Bryan Cranston still hopes a feature film revival of Malcolm in the Middle will happen.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

bryan cranston malcolm in the middle
Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the Middle

These days, Bryan Cranston is famous for portraying Walter White (also known as Heisenberg) in the hit series Breaking Bad. That show established the actor as a dramatic powerhouse, but well before that, Bryan Cranston was making all of us laugh with his performance in Malcolm in the Middle. Now, the actor told E! News that “There was some talk about the possibility of doing like a reunion movie of Malcolm in the Middle” and that he “would be open to that if there was a good idea that came up.”

One of the reasons there was likely talk of bringing Bryan Cranston back to the world of Malcolm in the Middle is that such reunions have proven to be very popular. For example, fans of retro television can now watch continuing adventures of their favorite characters in shows such as Fuller House and Star Trek: Picard, and there is an upcoming Frasier series that plans to bring most of the surviving cast back. In this kind of nostalgia-friendly environment, a high-profile Malcolm in the Middle movie is sure to be a smash, especially if Cranston is willing to star in it.

In that same interview, Bryan Cranston expressed a sentiment that is likely shared by Malcolm in the Middle fans all over the world: that time has truly flown. He said that it would be exciting to create such a movie and explore “what happened to this family 20 years later.” In the same breath, however, he noted that “I can’t believe it’s already that,” pointing out that it’s difficult to believe decades have now passed since the show started in 2000, and the finale aired way back in 2006.

Another reason that Bryan Cranston may be interested in a Malcolm in the Middle reunion movie is that it should be a major hit for him. In recent years, Cranston has been something of a victim of his own success because he hasn’t found any other roles quite as prestigious or popular as the role of Walter White. In fact, his most buzzworthy performances in recent years involved returning as that character in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and a brief cameo in Better Call Saul.

In other words, Bryan Cranston returning for a Malcolm in the Middle reunion movie would simultaneously remind audiences of the first role that made him famous while reminding them that he has other gears as an actor. Ever since the breakout success of Breaking Bad, Cranston has been mostly cast in very dramatic roles. It’s easy to forget how funny the veteran actor can really be, and if a reunion movie reminds both audiences and studios of that fact, then we may see more Cranston comedic projects in the future.

Ultimately, though, Bryan Cranston may want a Malcolm in the Middle reunion, but whether that reunion will happen depends largely on whether the other actors from the show are game for it. Recently, Frankie Muniz (the titular Malcolm himself) told fans he’ll be driving for NASCAR full-time very soon, which may shift that he’s moving away from acting and into other projects. Still, if anyone can get the others on board for a reunion, “the one who knocks” might just be the one to do it.