Bruce Willis Leaves Acting After Heartbreaking Diagnosis

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

Bruce willis korben dallas

In some greatly unfortunate news, Bruce Willis is leaving behind acting. The Willis family took to Instagram to officially announce that Bruce has been going through some health issues as of late and has been diagnosed with aphasia. This disorder is language-based and is brought on by brain damage, which inhibits one’s ability to effectively communicate. The family also stated that this disorder is affecting his cognitive abilities, so continuing with acting is just not something that can happen any longer. This is a sad end to an otherwise spectacular career. The announcement was posted on his daughter’s Instagram in a joint release by the entire family. You can see the announcement below:

The post includes the names of those closest to Bruce Willis. The announcement was posted on his daughter’s page, Rumer Willis. Included in the post are Emma (current wife), Demi Moore (ex-wife), and their children. Rumer, Scout, Tallulah, Mabel, and Evelyn. This is truly some heartbreaking news and though it is disheartening in nature, the family is coming together to tell the fans what is going on with the actor. Bruce Willis has been steadily busy up until this point, as six of his upcoming films are all in post-production levels. The Wrong Place, Die Like Lovers, Corrective Measures, Wire Room, White Elephant, and Paradise City are all upcoming films that the actor is a part of. They are all stated to be in post-production, so hopefully, they can continue to honor the man.

While Bruce Willis has been steadily pumping out more underground films ala Nicolas Cage, he has been steadily involved in the acting world since the 1980s. His most famous role was that of John McClane in Die Hard, which spawned a very profitable franchise. He was made famous throughout the 80s and 90s appearing in iconic films like Look Who’s Talking, Pulp Fiction, The Fifth Element, and Armageddon. The man has been part of huge blockbuster films for most of his career and more recently has turned to make some rather unknown films. Still, he has been one of the best actors in the game since the 1980s, and it is tragic that he was to step away from his given career. His family has told fans alike to “live it up” much like what the man preaches, and we all should take a page from his book.

Though Bruce Willis has sadly been forced to retire from acting, he has given the world some of the best films. Without him, there wouldn’t be the decades-old argument that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Even though he and his mother claim it’s not, it truly is. At least the debate will live on. He was incredible in Friends, which saw him secure an Emmy as well as Moonlighting, which saw him win both an Emmy and Golden Globe. He has been an award-winning and great actor throughout his illustrious career, and we hope that his condition can somehow reverse or get better. We wish him all the best.