See Bruce Willis As A Prisoner In First Look At One Of His Final Roles

By Britta DeVore | 4 weeks ago

Bruce Willis

Since the recent announcement of his retirement, fans of Bruce Willis have been both looking forward to and fearing the actor’s last few projects. And today, we’re getting a first look image of one of those pieces. Tubi’s Corrective Measures will see the Die Hard actor step into the role of a feared supervillain who, even from behind bars, is causing quite the ruckus. The debut image reveals a smirking and bald Willis decked out in an orange jumpsuit. With a QR code on one side of his shirt, the character’s eyes read something sarcastic and witty, presumably being said to one of the guards keeping an eye on the high-stakes inmate.

Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, Corrective Measures centers around inmates and their jailers at an “ubermax” prison. The twist? The jailhouse is home to some of the world’s nastiest villains from monsters to cyborgs and everything in between. While keeping the prisoners in line can prove to be challenging, the officers have the help of 24-hour power inhibitors and shock-collars. One member of the staff, Warden Devlin (Michael Rooker) proves to take things too far and push the line on what’s moral and what’s purely inhumane. Spoiler alert – it’s usually incredibly inhumane. Devlin specifically has it out for Bruce Willis’ character, Julius “The Lobe” Loeb who is considered to be a super genius and the most cunning and wily of all those serving time. In particular, Devlin wants the large fortune that he knows The Lobe is hiding, with The Lobe showing no interest in revealing his secrets to the crooked Warden. 

When a brutal vigilante known as Payback (Dan Payne) arrives at the prison alongside a bitter driver named Diego Diaz (Brennan Mejia), who’s been given an unfair sentence, things get really crazy. The balance between staff and inmates is at an all-time upset when “The Conductor” (Tom Cavanagh) takes things into his own hands, spelling out trouble for all the characters, Bruce Willis’ The Lobe included. 

As we mentioned, the project will be one of Bruce Willis’ last – at least for now (we can dare to dream). The action movie megastar’s family stepped up to the plate to deliver the hard-to-believe news back in March and told fans that Willis would be “stepping away” from his roles in Hollywood to focus on healing from his battle with aphasia. A language disorder, aphasia has greatly affected the actor’s ability to perform up to his usual bar and has in turn caused a lot of stress and anxiety for both Willis and his family. 

Just as hard as the decision was for him, it’s obvious that the actor’s retirement has put a damper on his family as well. In their statement, they called this a “challenging time” and assured followers that they were continuing to be “a strong family unit.” They also shared their thanks for Bruce Willis’ followers saying that they were touched by the “continued love, compassion, and support” that was emanating from them. Lucky for fans, Willis has always stayed busy and the past few years have been no exception. Along with his take on the genius super-villain, the star will also soon be seen in a slew of 2022 projects including The Wrong Place and Fortress: Sniper’s Eye, both of which will see the actor at home in the action-thriller genre.