Bruce Willis Doing More Die Hard?

By Ross Bonaime | 5 months ago

Die Hard Bruce Willis

For over thirty years, Bruce Willis has played John McClane, the police detective who keeps finding himself in various terrorist plots and stopping the bad guys, even when it means walking over glass and crawling through air ducts. Last year, there was excitement when it seemed there were hints Willis would be returning for a new Die Hard film, which ended up, disappointingly, being nothing more than a commercial for Advance Auto Parts. But now, a new rumor suggests that there are indeed plans for Bruce Willis to return to the world of Die Hard.

This rumor comes from gossip entertainment writer Daniel Richtman, who dropped this rumor from his Patreon page. His rumor says little more than that Willis is in talks to make another Die Hard film. Considering Willis has made five Die Hard films in twenty-five years, that doesn’t seem to be much of a surprise. Despite these films making $1.4 billion worldwide, the series’ fifth installment, 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard, only made $67 million domestically. While the film went on to make $304 million worldwide, this United States showing was still a disappointment, as was the incredibly weak response from critics.

Back in 2010, Bruce Willis said his hopes were to make a fifth Die Hard, then make the sixth film his final Die Hard movie. He said that the studio could easily reboot the character with some other actor, but it seems as though Willis wants to leave the franchise on his own terms. While there were plans for a sixth Die Hard film back in 2018, entitled McClane, plans for the film were scrapped after Disney purchased Fox. Since then, Disney hasn’t made any announcements about what their plans for the Die Hard franchise are going forward.

Bruce Willis Die Hard

But considering that Disney has announced reboots of several Fox properties, including Alien, Home Alone, and Night at the Museum, none of which feature the original casts, it also doesn’t look good for the return of Bruce Willis in the role of John McClane. There were supposedly plans in the past for John McClane to team up with 24’s Jack Bauer for a television series, but that idea didn’t get very far. With Disney recently announcing that Alien would get its own FX series, maybe Bruce Willis could return for a Die Hard television series?

With most of Bruce Willis’ recent projects primarily direct-to-DVD action films that try to evoke the excitement of Willis in action mode, it’s not a surprise that the actor would want to return to the greatness of Die Hard. It also seems unlikely that Disney would let a brand that has made $1.4 billion over the years waste away without a reinvention of some kind, yet it also doesn’t look like Disney would bring Willis back for another installment.

Considering the idea of bringing John McClane to television has existed for years, maybe it’s time for Disney to just give Bruce Willis his own Die Hard Hulu show to wrap up his character. Let’s just hope that Willis’ last time as John McClane isn’t starring in a car parts commercial.