Bruce Willis’s Famous Ex-Wife Has Reportedly Moved Back In To Help With His Care

Bruce Willis's ex-wife Demi Moore has moved in with him and his wife as his aphasia condition worsens.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

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Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have never been your typical Hollywood exes. Yes, the couple broke up in 1998 and officially divorced two years later, but there has been nothing but love between them in recent years, especially after Willis’ aphasia and dementia diagnoses that have left him unable to communicate properly and made it tough for him to go out in public.

Now, CinemaBlend is reporting that Demi Moore is moving in with Bruce Willis and his current wife, Emma Heming Willis: “Demi has moved in,” said an unnamed source, “and she is not leaving until the very end.”

The source went on to say, “At first no one outside the family could understand what Demi was doing living with her ex and his new wife, but now it makes sense. Demi has been a rock for the family and is determined to make sure every day Bruce has left on earth will be filled with love.”

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Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Emma Heming Wilis, and their children are no strangers to living together. In 2020, the ex-couple had to go into quarantine unexpectedly thanks to the COVID-19 virus, which resulted in both of their families coming together to live under one roof for quite some time.

What could have been a very awkward situation turned out to be pretty cozy, actually, and the blended family has seemed very tight ever since.

When news broke about Bruce Willis’ aphasia and subsequent retirement from acting last year, Demi Moore was considered part of the family that shared the news about it on social media. Since then, all of the statements released have been signed with love from all the women in Willis’ life (his wife, his ex-wife, and his daughters), or with the signature “Ladies of Willis/Moore.”

Bruce Willis’ current wife, with whom he shares two young daughters, seems perfectly fine with this situation with Demi Moore. She has spoken out recently about the need to balance caring for her husband, caring for her family, and caring for herself, and it sounds like Demi Moore is there to help her do just that.

Emma Heming Willis is also trying to create as many fun, happy memories as she can with Bruce Willis in his retirement, and having his friendly ex around could make things even more memorable.

It should be noted that this news has not yet been confirmed by representatives for Bruce Willis or Demi Moore, but the source is sure of it, and the move does seem characteristic of their family. Bruce Willis’ health issues had the potential to be divisive, but instead, they really seem to be bringing people together.

Being there for Bruce Willis will be a tough job on the road ahead, but having Demi Moore around could help a lot. Emma Heming Willis recently asked paparazzi to stop yelling at Bruce Willis when he goes out in public, as a recent event left him looking confused. With Demi Moore on the case as well, this type of message could get out there further and other incidents may be able to be avoided in the future.

Bruce Willis may have been dealt a terrible blow with his dementia diagnosis but, as Demi Moore is reportedly proving, he has a lot of people around who love him and would do anything for him.