Bruce Willis Is A Ruthless Bad Guy In A Forgotten Movie Trending On Netflix

The forgotten Bruce Willis 10 Minutes Gone movie from 2019 is now trending on Netflix.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

bruce willis 10 minutes gone

Did you miss the 2019 Bruce Willis action thriller 10 Minutes Gone? You’re not alone, but according to FlixPatrol, the forgotten film is currently trending on Netflix. It might not be the best movie you’ll see this year, but it could be the right pick if you’re looking for a breezy action flick.

10 Minutes Gone stars Michael Chiklis as a man who loses his memory after a bank robbery goes wrong. He has to piece together the 10 minutes he’s missing to find out how the job went off the rails and who killed his brother. Bruce Willis stars as a ruthless crime lord, Brian A. Miller directs, and the screenplay was co-written by Kelvin Mao and Jeff Jingle.

Saying that 10 Minutes Gone is ‘forgotten’ really isn’t an overstatement. The Bruce Willis vehicle went virtually unnoticed when it was released, only grossing a measly $332,731 in the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Mexico, and Colombia. In other words, the film literally didn’t come to US theaters, so if you’re reading this, you likely didn’t even have a chance to see it.

Now you can make up for missing the 2019 Bruce Willis film, but don’t count on it being a masterpiece. The few people who have seen the film didn’t really love it. It has an abysmal 0 percent rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and 17 percent from audiences.

bruce willis 10 minutes gone 2

It’s unclear why this movie is even trending on Netflix right now, but it’s a credit to Bruce Willis’ ongoing star power. Unfortunately, this has been how most of Willis’ films have been in the late years of his career. His family announced his retirement in 2022 due to his medical diagnosis of aphasia, a condition that affects an area of the brain that controls language expression and comprehension.

Obviously, with a condition that directly affects his ability to act, it would be difficult for Bruce Willis to star in major roles anymore. The main reason that 10 Minutes Gone is trending is probably that ‘new Bruce Willis movies’ won’t be a thing for much longer. In fact, the actor only has two films coming out in 2023, which will likely be the last performances we see from him unless he feels well enough to come out of retirement in the future.

Bruce Willis will be rounding out his career with the films Detective Knight: Independence and Assassin, which are both slated for a 2023 release. Detective Knight: Independence will be the first film we see from Willis this year, with a release date set for January 20. It will presumably be the last entry of his Detective Knight franchise.

We’ll see Bruce Willis late this year in Assassin, which has a release date slated for March 31. Assassin follows a black-ops soldier recruited by an elite CIA group to retrieve a revolutionary weapons system. The film co-stars Dominic Purcell.

In the meantime, you can watch 10 Minutes Gone on Netflix now. While it’s not going to blow your mind, it’s one of the last new Bruce Willis performances we’ll get to see. That alone might make it worth checking out this weekend.