See Bruce Campbell Curse Out A Heckler At Evil Dead Rise Screening

Bruce Campbell got the last word against a heckler following the SXSW screening of Evil Dead Rise, shutting him down with 5 words in an amazing video clip.

By Robert Scucci | Published

Bruce Campbell

Nobody likes a heckler, but everybody loves it when a heckler is put in their place and shared on Yahoo! news. Twitter user @LMExplain, brought us the goods when he posted footage of Bruce Campbell shutting down a member of the audience at the Evil Dead Rise premiere at SXSW, and the commentary is amazing, to say the least. It’s not every day you see a drunken member of the audience try to ruin everybody’s good time, only to get mercilessly made fun of before storming out of the theater.

The heckler was asked a serious question before he stormed out, though: “why did you watch the entire film, and wait for the credits if you hated it so much?” This was, of course, a question that the heckler could not answer. Through the laughter and jeering, Bruce Campbell, the legend himself, succinctly said to the heckler, “get the f*ck outta here,” before the entire audience burst into laughter and cheering at the Evil Dead Rise screening.

Listen, we don’t encourage bullying, but if you’re going to stand up in front of an audience and tell the makers of a film how awful their movie was, you should probably expect to have your feathers ruffled a little bit. One thing that is apparent in the video is the fact that Bruce Campbell is pretty much unflappable and that so many loving fans also surrounded him at the Evil Dead Rise premiere. And we’d be lying if we told you that we didn’t think that some of the comments on Twitter are absolute gold!

User @gpromise3 simply said, “I remember when I had my first beer,” In reference to how the obviously drunk heckler was handling himself while screaming at Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi after Evil Dead Rise concluded, and they were ready to do a Q&A. In reference to the thick skin that both Campbell and Raimi have, user @MrocznySzeczek Tweeted, “lmao, that won’t work on Bruce or Sam, they withstood significantly worse abuse in the 80s.” In this scenario, it was clear who had the upper hand, and it wasn’t the heckler.

Though Bruce Campbell’s Ash is not present in Evil Dead Rise, the franchise is close to his heart, and he will not tolerate such negativity. He clearly stands behind his work, considering the Evil Dead Franchise kicked off in 1981, and has had a large cult following since. Though there are currently no plans for Ash to return to the big screen, Campbell has gone on record stating that he’d love to continue to reprise his role for a television series.

Evil Dead Rise is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead franchise and continues to scare, shock, and elicit laughter from so many loving fans. As the years go on, the lore continues to grow in the form of more movies, TV series, musicals, and video games. And Bruce Campbell can be quite intimidating whether he’s leveling the undead with his trusty chainsaw or using his words to put a heckler in his place at the Evil Dead Rise premiere.

If there’s one takeaway from all of this, it’s don’t mess with filmmakers or their fans. It’s one thing to try to get a rise out of people, but if you’re trying to get a rise out of Bruce Campbell at the premiere of Evil Dead Rise, or any other iteration of evil dead, know that you’re going to get shut down faster than Evil Ash after he gets set on fire.