A Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Is Joining The Live-Action Twisted Metal Series

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

brooklyn nine nine

The live-action adaptation of Twisted Metal is starting to take shape. What kind of shape it turns into will not be clear yet, but a star from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is set to join the fray. Stephanie Beatriz is set to take on the role of a character called Quiet. Beatriz portrayed Detective Rosa Diaz in the comedic cop show. This character has a troubled past that pairs her with the equally mysterious lead role of John Doe, who is portrayed by Anthony Mackie. Beatriz is the most recent cast announcement to this new and twisted series.

stephanie beatriz

Twisted Metal was a huge game that was first introduced back in 1995 on the original PlayStation console. The game had a simple premise, go around and destroy other cars with the weaponry that you pick up in the game. Certain cars had their own “specials” that were attached to them in later iterations of the game franchise. How this is going to be made into a series is certainly interesting. Mackie plays John Doe, a man who has been struck with amnesia. He only knows that he must deliver a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. That is when he meets Quiet (Stephanie Beatriz), who is hellbent on revenge after she has been shunned by society. This Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is also a car thief in this new series, so she might be instrumental in getting herself and Doe into a machine that can throw out machine gun fire and rockets.

twisted metal

Oddly enough, the new Twisted Metal series is being produced by comedic actor, Will Arnett. He has clearly been a fan of the game franchise and might have an inside track on how they plan to turn this destruction derby game into a full-fledged scripted series. Though there have been few announcements in terms of what characters are going to make their way into the series, apart from Stephanie Beatriz as Quiet, it has been stated that Doe will be facing savage marauders in this wasteland. One such marauder drives a “familiar ice cream truck.” For those not familiar with this franchise, that is the truck known as Sweet Tooth, which is driven by Needles Kane.

The Twisted Metal series is being developed for Peacock, so there might not be as much gore as fans might think there will be. However, there had better be a ton of vehicular mayhem, as that is what this franchise is all about. Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz might just find themselves in over their heads without a car of mass destruction and must steal or devise one of their own.

Twisted Metal is in the pre-production stages, so it will likely not be out on Peacock until early next year. There will likely be a ton of casting announcements to follow Stephanie Beatriz. Besides Sweet Tooth, there have not been any further mentions about what other destructive vehicles will make their way into this series. Right now, it sounds a lot like Mad Max. We hope to see the giant wheel turning Axel in the series.