Britney Spears Fans Want Her Sister Removed From Netflix Series

Britney Spears fans want her sister removed from an upcoming Netflix series.

By Annie Banks | Published

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Britney Spears and her lifelong career have drawn a lot of attention to her, especially as more information has unraveled the conservatorship that has ultimately taken over her life. This has more fans speaking up in advocacy for her freedom. The #FreeBritney movement has ceaselessly pressed on, resulting in Britney Spears being released from the control of her father, and has given her the ability to reclaim her life. Her sister, Jaime Lynn Spears, has allegedly taken no action to stop Britney Spears’ abuse, and instead, allegedly profited from being a bystander during the extent of the conservatory’s actions.

Fans are now petitioning to have Netflix remove Jamie Lynn Spears from their upcoming series, Sweet Magnolias, after the streaming service declined to penalize Spears in the wake of the #FreeBritney movement. The petition calls for action from Netflix to remove Spears from their next show in defense of Britney Spears and the negligence from her sister, who allegedly did not interfere. Previously, fans of the singer had placed blame on Jamie Lynn Spears for standing by and not helping her sister for all these years. However, the collective wasn’t sure how much they should blame Jamie Lynn until Britney Spears herself publicly blamed her on Instagram during the summer of 2021. Now, fans want her removed from the upcoming Netflix series as a means of punishment and justice for Britney.

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Outside of fans’ rising demands for Netflix to intervene with Spears’ association with the streaming platform, the sister of Britney Spears has been faced with other forms of backlash. This Is My Brave, a mental health charity, declined to accept any donations to them from Spears. Jamie Lynn attempted to donate earnings from her memoir Things I Should Have Said. The organization rejected the offer following the pressure from Britney Spears fans who continue to seek out justice for the former pop star and offered their sentiments in solidarity.

Britney Spears was first taken under the conservatorship’s control in 2008. Since then, her entire life has reportedly been dictated under her father’s control. Judge Brenda Penny of the Los Angeles Superior Court recently approved a request made by Britney Spears and her team that would suspend her father from overseeing her multi-million dollar profits. Judge Penny agreed that the conditions of the conservatorship were unjust and deemed her currently controlled state as a “toxic environment.”

Spears has agreed to step down from his daughter’s conservatorship, and legal action was taken in California to terminate the control over Britney Spears’ life. The end of the reign over the musician is an incredibly long-overdue triumph for the pop icon, and is a tremendous stride forward to dismantling the damage done by the Spears family. As fans have been watching these events unfold, and freeing Britney Spears seemed ever-closer, they’re looking more at the people responsible. For now, fingers are pointed at Jamie Lynn Spears. Netflix remains to be under fire for holding on to the actress for Sweet Magnolias. The streaming service is also under siege due to the immense amount of pushback around Dave Chappelle and his allegedly transphobic, anti-LGBTQIA+ material. Removing Spears from the Netflix show is another way to Free Britney.