Britney Spears Suffers A Major Defeat In Trying To #FreeBritney

Britney Spears suffered a major defeat in court over her case to remove the current conservatorship run by her father Jamie Spears

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Britney Spears has been working to regain some more freedom in her life, both on a personal and financial level. But that fight took a major hit on Wednesday when a judge denied her and her legal team’s request to have the much-publicized conservatorship removed around the singer. That won’t be the case with a California judge ruling that restrictions around Spears will remain in effect for the short-term at least. 

This latest ruling around the Britney Spears situation came when Judge Brenda Penny, who is overseeing the proceedings for the California court system, issued a ruling around the case. She said that effort to remove the conservatorship both on a financial and personal level was denied “without prejudice”. This marks a major blow to Spears and her camp who have been fighting the restrictions and legality of the system that’s currently in place. 

While Britney Spears has been working under this conservatorship for more than a decade now, it recently came more into the public purview when the singer made an impassioned plea to have it removed a couple of weeks ago. It was during this court proceeding that Spears opened up about some of the restrictions that are in place for her on both a financial and personal level. Not only does she not have control over her finances, but there are a number of other “rules” in place around her person and body. Included among those are who she can ride in cars with and even the apparently forced used of birth control. It amounts to a sad state of affairs for the celebrity. 

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In control of Britney Spears and her conservatorship are a number of different people and entities, but at the heart of it is her father James Spears. In 2008, amidst something of a public breakdown on the part of Spears, her financial and other freedoms were placed under these legal constraints apparently in an effort to help the singer focus on mental health while also maintaining financial solvency. But now, more than 13 years later, Spears is looking to get out from the control and have her father removed from any decision making processes. 

This most recent ruling, and the situation in general does have the #FreeBritney hashtag trending on social media right now. Check out some of what’s flying around there from some high-profile names in support of the singer. 

One slight win from the Britney Spears side in this latest ruling was that while those who rule over the conservatorship (Jamie Spears, Tri Star, Michael Kane) were not removed, Bessemer Trust Company was actually added to the group and given equal rights to Jamie Spears. This move does, apparently, wrest some of his influence from the group and gives a third-party, less invested with Britney on a personal level, more influence in the financial decisions. A small win, but a win nonetheless. 

In all, this is an incredibly sad story about Britney Spears and what’s happened over the last decade-plus regarding not only her finances, but her person as well. Time will tell if this current structure stays in place or if Spears is ultimately able to one day take full control of her life again.