See Brie Larson Teach Everyone About Yard Work For Some Reason

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

brie larson

Brie Larson is online. Brie Larson is very, very online. It is not at all uncommon for a celebrity to cultivate an engaging persona online to bond with fans and tacitly promote projects (and in Dwayne Johnson’s case, show off enough sushi to depopulate an ocean). In fact, it is becoming quite the norm for A-Listers, Academy Award winners, and Kevin Hart to use their social media as a way to communicate directly with their audiences. The star of Captain Marvel definitely does that, but her particular choices in posts tend to skew a little odd. And by odd, we don’t mean the kind of manic pixie dream girl odd that is all positive messaging or self-conscious dances. We mean, leaf-eating and pajama yoga kind of odd. In this case, Brie Larson took to Instagram in order to let her nearly seven million followers know about…composting? Check it out here:

To be fair, Brie Larson does post things that are frequently not foliage-related. For example, as befitting both one of the biggest stars in the world and someone who is frequently called upon to punch aliens in her movies, she works out a lot. A whole lot. And most of those workouts look intense enough to put the average citizen in traction, but hey, she is a celebrity. And she also likes to post some of the kind of risque and/or stunning looks that only someone with the innate beauty and chutzpah as the co-star of the late Bob Saget on the WB’s Raising Dad could pull off. In this particular case, however, Brie Larson has taken it upon herself to educate people in her own way about the specifics of proper yard care. 

In the short video above, we see Brie Larson squatting in a gray hoodie and black leggings. Based on the length of red garden hose near her (and her fistful of twigs and grass), we can presume she is in her backyard. Before her is a black plastic container in a metal frame, which has a green plastic door on it. The star of 21 Jump Street explains that this is her compost and that her mother got her it for Christmas (even celebrity mothers get sensible gifts, apparently). She explains the door is difficult to open, but that is a good thing, to keep “critters” out of one’s compost. There is also a brief on-screen image of the specific single chamber composter that she owns, and how much it costs on Amazon. 

Okay, we have to say it: Brie Larson’s instructional video on compost procedure raises more questions than it answers. For one, why is she telling us this at all? It is doubtful that many people follow the Oscar-winning actor for gardening tips. For another, why does she not actually describe what composting is (or why to do it) in any actual detail? And thirdly, given that the caption for the video does not have the FTC-mandated “ad” hashtag, can we assume that one of the biggest stars in Hollywood is promoting yard equipment for no particular reason or gain? So many questions, Ms. Larson.