See Brie Larson Wearing Ridiculously Tight Pants While Training For The Marvels

By Faith McKay | 1 month ago

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

To be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you spend a lot of time working out. We’ve seen a lot of stars talk about this. Natalie Portman has been getting ripped for Thor: Love and Thunder. There are no shortage of articles about Chris Hemsworth’s workout and diet plan. The workout updates are intense. Now, Brie Larson is sharing videos of her trainer putting her through the ringer.

You can see the clip of Brie Larson working on her superhuman strength below.

In the video, you can hear Brie Larson is working out to Miley Cyrus’s, Midnight Sky. When her trainer says “Why not”, he drops a heavy chain over her thighs so she’s lifting her own body weight and then the chains. She’s talked a lot over the past several months about training for The Marvels (Captain Marvel 2). The movie doesn’t come out until November 11, 2022, so there’s a way to go yet before filming even starts.

It makes sense that perhaps Brie Larson wants to keep in Avengers shape, since this is a major part of her career, but it does lead some to wonder if perhaps she did any filming on any of the other upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies we’ll be seeing first. For example, could Captain Marvel show up in Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Tings, Eternals, or Thor: Love and Thunder? Maybe Black Panther: Wakanda Forever? Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? It wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Carol Danvers appear in any of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, especially with her working so hard.

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We’ve gotten a better look at Brie Larson’s life over the past year. Recently, she talked to The New York Times about how the pandemic delays gave her more time and she used it to create on her own, turning to YouTube in particular. She’s done things like share her workouts, her love of guitar, and her nighttime and morning routines. Fans have a better understanding of her love of Star Wars and how she approaches her acting work. And now, they know that she is not afraid of the weighted pullup, as long as she has Miley Cyrus on her side.

Rumors continue to swirl around Brie Larson, despite this window she’s opened into her life. Currently, insiders have heard that she is in talks to play Mara Jade for Star Wars. This character is part of Legends, a Hand to the Emperor who has a change of heart and later marries Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars novels. While Mara Jade’s story may need to be adjusted to fit in with the Star Wars cinematic canon, this is a character fans have wanted to see brought to the screen for years. She’s tough. She’s interesting. Eventually, it seems that it will have to happen. Meanwhile, Brie Larson has spent years auditioning for Star Wars and expressing her love as a fan and desire to break into the franchise. If she does make her way in, it’ll be interesting to see how she announces it on social media.