Brie Larson’s The Marvels Just Got A Major Casting Update

By Tyler Pisapia | 2 weeks ago

Fans eagerly awaiting Carol Danvers’ (Brie Larson) return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now have a little bit more to look forward to when she comes back in The Marvels in 2022. 

Despite popping up here-and-there in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since her last full appearance in Avengers: Endgame, precious little is known about the return of Captain Marvel in The Marvels nor her ongoing relationship to the Skrulls. However, when Brie Larson does take to the silver screen once again, it has been confirmed that she’ll be doing so alongside Parasite actor Park Seo Joon. 

According to The Seoul Story, the actor’s talent agency, AWESOME Entertainment, confirmed that he has left the country to film The Marvels alongside Brie Larson and other returning cast members such as Teyonah Parris. Unfortunately, the outlet was not able to elaborate on who exactly he’ll be playing, leaving fans to only speculate with no clues to research inside the depths of Marvel comics lore. 

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not plenty to salivate over when it comes to teasers for The Marvels. This is thanks in large part to interviews that co-director Nia DaCosta has given recently while promoting her latest film, Candyman. As with anyone who has a hand in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not an interview can go by without their brain being picked about what’s coming next and how Brie Larson will fold into the next story.

Speaking to Variety, DaCosta revealed that she had just two weeks between wrapping production on the horror film before she pivoted over to The Marvels, where she works under the pressure of not only being the first Black woman to helm a Marvel movie, but the youngest as well at age 31. While she remained relatively tight-lipped about the plot of the movie, she was able to touch on some themes that are essential to her in her work, such as dealing with pain and trauma, which she promised to continue exploring in The Marvels. This could mean a shift for Brie Larson as the franchise moves ahead.

As ComicBook notes, one inroad to explore that is obviously with Parris’ Monica Rambeau character. While she appeared as a child in the first Captain Marvel film, she was introduced all grown up in WandaVision, where she learned that her beloved mother had died while she was “blipped” for five years. She, along with Brie Larson and now Seo Joon, is one of the only confirmed stars who will be in The Marvels. Meanwhile, those who saw her gain her superpowers in WandaVision know that she clearly has unfinished business to attend to when it comes to processing not being present for her mother’s death. 

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The show saw her return from the blip and get back to work as a S.W.O.R.D. agent. Her first task was to enter Wanda Maximoff’s Hex, where she quickly learned that every cell in her body had changed, thus giving her some superpowers of her own. But her story was far from finished there as it took a hard back seat to Wanda’s. DaCosta even mentioned that she will be exploring the grief that Rambeau’s character is going through in The Marvels in a previous interview with TVLine.

So, while it’s not exactly a teaser on the level of Carol Danvers saving the day at the eleventh hour in the battle against Thanos, it’s certainly something to whet Captain Marvel fans’ appetites until The Marvels release in November of 2022.