See Brie Larson Return To A Fan-Favorite Project

By James Brizuela | 15 seconds ago

Brie Larson

Brie Larson used to have a massive presence on YouTube. She posted frequently in 2020. However, when she returned to filming for The Marvels, she slowed way down. It is clear that when one signs up to play a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are roped into a commitment for many years, as fans would know from Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth appearing in films for a decade-plus. The same has likely happened with Brie Larson, but now she is taking things back to where she is most happy, posting more personal videos on her YouTube channel.

Her “welcome back” YouTube video showcases Larson speaking on the things that her reemerging on YouTube will be involved with and her goals for the 2022 year. She is returning to “what makes her happy.”

Fans of Brie Larson can watch the above video that details where she has taken her career and what she wants to show on her page. From workout routines to playing video games, and cooking, it sounds as if Larson is meant to show herself having fun and doing the things that truly just make her happy. Now that Captain Marvel is likely to not appear in the MCU until next year, it sounds as if she has the chance and the ability to return to just hanging out and showing her more personal life on this YouTube channel. Larson currently has 666,000 subscribers and over 200,000 views have already gone up on her video about returning. The nearly 7,000 comments are full of fans welcoming her back with open arms.

Brie Larson became a huge fan-favorite with her portrayal of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. The Marvels is set to premiere in 2023, but it looks as though Larson is finding the time to engage with her fans on a deeper level with her YouTube channel. Posting the video of her return also showed her being very vulnerable as well. Larson has been quite open with her dealings with anxiety, and she claims that even posting on her channel gives her anxiety as well. That is why she also announced that she will not be posting weekly videos, but only posting when it feels “natural.” This all sounds like she is coming to terms with the things that truly make her feel some sort of solace and a way to deal with her anxiety on her own terms. Well played, Ms. Larson.

Inspiring fans across the world with workout routines is a fantastic idea, in case fans of Captain Marvel want to see how their favorite superhero does things. Learning to cook like Brie Larson might also be quite a treat for fans. Larson also dives into her love/hate relationship with the game Fall Guys, and it would be hilarious to see her attempt to win such a crazy video game. For anyone who hasn’t played Fall Guys, you are essentially a marshmallow person that has to attempt to make your way through an obstacle course and other players. Watching anyone play the game is always quite entertaining. Brie Larson giving fans a more inside look at her personal life sounds like a fantastic idea overall.