Brie Larson Quick Changes Into A Transparent Dress On Video

Brie Larson makes a quick wardrobe change in a short video.

By Kevin C. Neece | Published

brie larson

In a recent Twitter post, Brie Larson shared a quick video of a cute outfit swap through the magic of editing. The star of The Marvels and Fast X took a moment of fun to transition “from day to night” in the quick video, which features a sweater-and-jeans combo she appears to think of as fine but nothing special, followed by a sleek evening look that brings out a bright smile. We’re smiling as well while watching, because the simple camera trick moment is just too delightful.

Of course, Brie Larson has been getting a lot of attention lately as she is set to reprise her role as Captain Marvel while also being involved in the finale of the Fast and Furious franchise. But she’s also been in talks with Netflix to potentially direct The Agent, a spy thriller she’s already cast in as the lead. The film will follow a CIA agent whose mission is to take down a global crime syndicate. While some have suggested that the new James Bond should be a woman, it seems this film is already giving us the super spy lady we’d love to see in action—and possibly calling, “Action!

But Brie Larson’s IMDb page also tells us the actor is set to do some voice work as well. She is listed as Envy Adams in a Scott Pilgrim anime series that is currently in production. Larson has previously lent her voice to Chapter 3 of the video game Fortnite.

While Brie Larson’s costume in The Marvels was described as a team effort, this fun, playful video is a much simpler affair—and probably a comparative relief. The actor has drawn criticism for her role in that film already, with viewers expressing their dislike of the project after viewing the trailer. But we’re waiting to see the finished film before making a judgment about it.

brie larson

For her part, Brie Larson seems unbothered by the now-predictable fan firestorm caused by seemingly every new tidbit from a forthcoming comic book film, and has instead chosen to share a bright, happy moment in this video. And let’s not forget that she looks amazing. Larson is someone who knows how to use fashion to express a mood or wow a room. We expect she did so wherever she was headed after sharing this.

If you’re a Brie Larson fan, though, you know that she is more than her looks and that there is a lot of focus on what she’s wearing, sometimes at the expense of what she’s doing. Her character in the Marvel universe has been an important inspiration to viewers young and old and we think she sets an example as a star who runs the gamut from the fanciful to the fast and furious. Whether her changes are as quick as they are in this fun little video or take place over the course of her career, between roles in front of or behind the camera, we are always looking forward to what she’s going to do next.