Brie Larson Will Lead The Avengers?

By Apeksha Bagchi | 1 month ago

brie larson captain marvel

Ever since Avengers: Endgame ended with Iron Man’s heartbreaking demise and Captain America turning old, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been wondering who will be leading the Avengers in the future. Though Anthony Mackie has assumed the role of Captain America now, it is the level of powers, the experience, and the ability to lead that will play an important role in Marvel choosing who gets to be the leader next. But reportedly, Brie Larson has already made a move to get her hands on this high position before plans for Avengers 5 hit the floor. 

As reported by tipster Daniel Richtman, Brie Larson has personally contacted Marvel Studios and put forward her desire to lead the Avengers in future Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Judging by Carol Danvers’ military background and her years of saving not just Earth, but many other planets in the universe, she is the obvious candidate for being the Avengers guide from hereon now that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are no longer there. But as usual, Richtman has not shared any more details in his report nor divulged whether Kevin Feige and the studio is actually considering Brie Larson’s alleged proposal. 

Of all the reports by Richtman, Brie Larson openly sharing with Marvel her desire to be the new leader of the Avengers is something that is hard to digest. Firstly, as stated above, Carol Danvers is already the top choice for the leadership position as the character has led the Avengers in the comics as well. Secondly, she is a powerful (presumably the most powerful) of all the Avengers. And third, repetitive reports of Brie Larson demanding from Marvel to be made the new team leader is nothing new. 

Brie Larson Captain Marvel

Just last year, We Got This Covered reported that the actress was eyeing the role of leading the team of superheroes in Avengers 5 and even Marvel has given in to her demands despite the backlash the character has received from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. In case Brie Larson as Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel does end up leading the Avengers in the movies, not only will it be logical given the trajectory of the character but also in line with Marvel’s current plans where it is busy being an inclusive and setting up strong female characters. 

What’s more is that ever since Brie Larson has become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all she has officially “demanded” from Marvel is an all-female Avengers film. In a chat with Screen Rant, she had admitted that she would love to see all its powerful female characters in their standalone film. While the debate of the presence of more female lead characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been there, after the iconic Avengers: Endgame scene where the female superheroes got together against the might of Thanos, fans have been demanding proper representation for Marvel’s female superheroes which can not be sufficed by them starring as supporting characters. So, as currently there is no official announcement of Marvel developing a completely female-led film, isn’t the rumor of Brie Larson leading the Avengers a welcome possibility?