See Brie Larson Suited Up As A Soldier For New Gears Of War Movie

Brie Larson looks ready for action in this Gears of War fan art that depicts the actress in a role in the upcoming film.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

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Could we soon be seeing Brie Larson in a Gears of War movie? According to Giant Freakin Robot’s trusted sources, it’s a possibility. GFR’s recent exclusive takes a look at just how she might fit into the story, but a new fan art post on GFR’s Instagram makes it even easier to see the Captain Marvel actress in this role.

In the series of images, an illustrated Brie Larson stares at the viewer with a somber expression as she wears armor from Gears of War by Epic Games. While this is not an actual mock-up from Netflix’s upcoming film adaptation of the game, it very well could be. The actress may just be in the market for something “grittier” and less family-friendly than playing Marvel’s famous superhero.

To think that Brie Larson could be involved in a Gears of War project is not entirely outlandish, as the actress has already worked with Epic Games before. Last year, she provided both the look and the voice for the character of Paradigm in Fortnite, which was also developed by the studio. 

We don’t know if Brie Larson is a fan of Gears of War, but thanks to previous interviews, we do know that she plays several video games regularly, such as Fall Guys, Metroid, and Animal Crossing. She has even mentioned a desire in the past to play Metroid’s Samus Aran if that particular game is ever made into a feature film.

If Brie Larson is offered a part in the Gears of War movie, she may not be the lone Marvel actor on the project. Last year, Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista also threw his hat into the ring when he posted on Twitter that he was interested in a part in the film. 

There may be room for everyone, though. Netflix’s plans for Gears of War include not just this yet-to-be-cast film, but also an animated series for adults. Both projects would draw inspiration from the third-person shooter game, which has sold over 40 million copies in its time, to tell the story of a society facing extinction by the Locust Horde, a race of reptilian monsters that live underground. The protagonist then has to try to destroy the monsters before it is too late and humanity is lost.

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Kait Diaz in Gears 5

Exactly which role Brie Larson would play in Gears of War is not yet known, but the most recent installment of the game features a female protagonist named Kait Diaz, who discovers that there is something that her planet should fear even more than the monsters: her. 

While it would certainly be an intriguing role to play, Brie Larson would most likely have to contend with the Gears of War franchise’s passionate fanbase. The games are extremely popular, and its followers are very outspoken about their love of the series. It is possible that the actress could see a repeat of the criticism she received when she signed on to play Captain Marvel: while some said she was a good fit for the role, others maintained that she just wasn’t how they imagined the character to be.

Fan art like the one posted on Instagram makes it easy to see Brie Larson in the role, though, so her future in the Gears of War franchise could be a bright one.