Brie Larson Just Fell For A Twitter Hoax

By James Brizuela | Published

brie larson

The internet can be an odd place in that it is hard to tell when something is real or fake. That was the case for Brie Larson, as she was tricked into thinking a real interview happened with Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega claiming that Brie Larson was her favorite superhero actress, prompting Larson to share the supposed interview and asked to be taught the iconic “Wednesday dance.” She has since deleted the post, though someone grabbed a screenshot from the interaction, which you can see below:

There is a cavalcade of information on the internet, and even more, people want to trick others into thinking things are real, especially on Twitter. We would say that it’s not Brie Larson’s fault that she was duped into looking at a fake interview. Twitter happens to also be obsessed with creating these fake interviews with Jenna Ortega that feature the actress claiming to be a fan of everyone and everything, which would make sense given how huge of a star she is right now.

The Wednesday series has exploded into the #1 spot on Netflix, as it overtook the record set by most hours viewed in its first week, which was held by Stranger Things Season 4. The iconic dance that Brie Larson fell for has also been a moment shared on the internet the world over, as people fell in love with Jenna Ortega and her creepy moves during one of the scenes in the series. Even if that interview was fake, we would still love to see Larson be taught that dance, and for her and Ortega to collaborate on it.

Brie Larson is not one to shy away from her social media presence, and it would be amazing if she could somehow get the real Jenna Ortega to teach her how to move like Wednesday Addams. Ortega did reveal in a behind-the-scenes featurette that she had come up with the choreography for the dance, though we are sure she likely had some help as well. Larson is a big enough star that she could likely find out who planned the full choreography and hire that person.

Brie Larson is always constantly sharing her workout regimens on her Instagram page, and dancing is certainly something that is said to be quite good in terms of staying active. Larson could just add dancing to her already huge list of workouts that she engages in to stay ready for her long list of acting gigs. She is set to return as Captain Marvel next year in The Marvels, as well as, appearing in Fast X.

Based on her love for Jenna Ortega and the Wednesday series, Brie Larson might even find her way into a supporting role for the second season of the show, should Netflix renew it. We would imagine that many celebrities are going to be dressing like Wednesday for next year’s Halloween, and if anyone could pull it off, it would be Larson. We hope to see that despite falling for this internet hoax, she can get the moves right, and post them on Instagram for the world to see.