Brie Larson Has A New Series Coming To Disney+

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

brie larson

Brie Larson is no stranger to the big screen, having taken on one of the more popular roles in some time when she donned the Captain Marvel uniform and shot into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s set to get back into the part sooner than later. But speeding through the cosmos isn’t the only plan for Larson at this point, and there’s now word she’s going to be working a lot more with the folks over at Disney. Variety has it that Disney+ has brought in Brie Larson to produce and star in a new unscripted series, Growing Up. This will definitely be a very different kind of project for the actress. 

According to the reporting, and information released by Disney, about the new series, Brie Larson will lead Growing Up for 10 episodes. Each one will follow a particular person, documentary-style as they talk about their life and the challenges they face every day. It looks like the series will choose people from a variety of backgrounds all in the 18-22 age range. Meant to focus on these somewhat formative years of, well, growing up, the series will tackle all sorts of different topics around family, socio-economic standing, and personal growth among many other things. The show is meant to tell these stories on a deeper level, really getting to know a specific person and the things they are dealing with in life. It’s unclear how much time Brie Larson will spend on screen as part of this new venture, but she is set to direct at least one episode and is on as executive producer as well. 

There is currently no reported timeline on this new Brie Larson series so it’s a little unclear on when we will be getting Growing Up on Disney+. It’s also not totally set whether or not these interviews and introspective looks at the different folks have already been conducted or whether they will now go out and find the stories. But if it plays out the way it’s described in the release, we could be in store for a deeply personal and emotional series that would likely resonate with a massive demographic of folks. 

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As for Brie Larson and her other superhero ventures, we are still gearing up for a return to her Carol Danvers/ Captain Marvel role which will next happen in The Marvels. While still a year away from that flick hitting the big screen, it’s set to pick up with Danvers sometime following the events of Avengers: Endgame. In it, she will team up with Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel. We will first meet the latter in the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series set to hit the streamer this year. This movie could act as something of a torch-passing between the two characters when it’s all said and done. 

And after that, Brie Larson also has another movie, Lessons in Chemistry, on the burner. In it, she’ll play a scientist in the 1960s who has to leave her gig after getting pregnant. That’s set to release sometime in the next two years. In the meantime, keep an ear out for the plans around Growing Up on Disney+.