Brendan Fraser Actually Returning To The DC Universe?

Brendan Fraser recently revealed that he would be willing to return to the DC Universe if the right role came along.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

brendan fraser
Brendan Fraser in Doom Patrol

Brendan Fraser won’t say no to another dip in the DC pool, provided he’s offered the right part. A clip from Variety’s Twitter account shows the actor responding to the question of whether he would ever consider returning to the DC universe with a fairly positive “maybe.” “Um, maybe… everything is contingent on what it’s about, the role,” Fraser remarks in the clip.

Brendan Fraser’s current role in the DC universe recently came to an end. The actor played the character of Robot Man, AKA Cliff Steele, on DC’s Doom Patrol. The HBO Max series recently called it quits after four seasons, leaving the DCU Fraserless for the time being.

Brendan Fraser also played the Batman villain Firefly in the shelved Batgirl movie for DC. The Encino Man star recently told Howard Stern that the test screenings for the reportedly “unreleasable” Batgirl weren’t fair and compared watching an early cut of the movie to eating a “half-baked cake.”

The fact that Brendan Fraser would even consider working with DC again after they denied fans the opportunity to see him play Firefly in Batgirl speaks volumes about his character as an actor. Now that Fraser is an Oscar-nominated actor thanks to The Whale, it would have been easy for him to thumb his nose at doing any more silly comic book roles. Thankfully, the George of the Jungle star is one of the most earnest and ego-less performers in Hollywood today.

Brendan Fraser, who recently taught us all we’ve been mispronouncing his name for the last 30 years (think razor and not the famous Cheers spin-off), would be perfect for any number of DC roles in James Gunn’s new DCU. His plucky attitude and youthful exuberance would be a good fit for Booster Gold, one of the upcoming projects Gunn recently announced DC was working on.

booster gold
Booster Gold

Even if Gunn passed on having the 54-year-old star play Gold himself, Brendan Fraser would be perfect as the voice of Skeets, the floating robot companion that follows Booster Gold around everywhere. The Airheads star would also be a great match for the lesser-known DC character, The Creeper.

The maniacal yellow weirdo made an appearance in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series. With Brave and the Bold being another project teased by James Gunn, could a Brendan Fraser Creeper become a reality? Anything’s possible at this early stage in the new DCU’s development.

The Creeper

Of course, it’s always possible that DC never knocks on Fraser’s door again. If that ends up being the case, the affable star would make a great hire for Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Would Brendan Fraser be willing to jump ship from DC to the competition? If he did, the Nut Job actor wouldn’t be the first.

Several actors have made the leap from one team to the other. Some, like Michael Keaton and Chris Evans, have even gone from one to the other and back again. There is certainly no shortage of juicy roles perfect for Brendan Fraser at Marvel. After The Whale, he’d be a shoo-in for the role of Mojo in an X-Men film.

Whether he ends up back at DC or somewhere else, Brendan Fraser is sure to keep giving oscar worthy performances for many years to come.