See Brendan Fraser As DC Villain Firefly In Batgirl Movie

By Carolyn Jenkins | 4 months ago

brendan fraser

Since the first announcement of HBO’s Batgirl, there have been many exciting developments. With it being Batgirl’s first solo movie, it is important to get the elements of her story right, and that includes the villains (via Nerdist). In October of 2021, Brendan Fraser joined the cast of Batgirl as the villain known as Firefly (via Deadline). Fraser had a booming career in the ‘90s in films such as The Mummy. However, it has been some time since he has appeared on the big screen. Now that Batgirl has begun filming, fans can see Fraser bring the character to life.

The first footage features Brendan Fraser as Firefly, walking down a dark street as a building burns behind him. Though he is dressed casually in plain clothes, it is clear that this is a big part of his villainous role. Firefly has been featured in live-action DC properties previously such as Arrow and Gotham, though the character has spanned back decades in the comics (via ScreenRant). The real name Garfield Lynns is a robber who uses pyrotechnics in his crimes. Though the footage is not extensive, it is clear that the character may be more insidious than that. Fraser walks away calmly from the burning blaze, insinuating the character’s pyromania. Check out the first look:

Brendan Fraser has been spotted on the set of Batgirl before, but this new video shows his portrayal of Firefly in real-time. Batgirl has promised to be a gritty origin story for the new caped crusader and it doesn’t look as though Fraser will disappoint (via The seasoned actor is not the only impressive casting that the film has to offer. Leslie Grace has been cast as Barbara Gordon, daughter of Commission Gordon who takes it upon herself to don the cape. J.K. Simmons will also be reprising his version of Jim Gordon from the Snyderverse series of films. Maybe the most exciting of all is the return of Michael Keaton (via IGN).

Keaton is of course known for his portrayal of Batman in Tom Burton’s gothic version of the tale. Keaton only starred in two films but is thought of fondly as one of the early cinematic live-action Batmen. The actor will not only be reprising a version of Bruce Wayne in Batgirl but has been confirmed to appear in The Flash as well. With Keaton and Brendan Fraser’s addition to the film, it seems as though it will be a welcome dose of nostalgia.

Like Keaton, Brendan Fraser has had practice in the realm of DC. Fans celebrated his portrayal of Cliff Steele in HBO’s Doom Patrol. Some argued that the racecar driver turned Robotman was the perfect metaphor for Fraser himself (via Now Fraser is seeing a renaissance in his career. Not only will he be starring in the DC universe again, but has many impressive films coming up. 

He has been cast in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon as well. This is based on the David Grann book of the same name. Also on the docket for Brendan Fraser is Darren Aronofsky’s film The Whale based on the Samuel D. Hunter play (via Rolling Stone). While fans are waiting for these exciting projects, they can stream Batgirl when it hits HBO.