Brad Pitt’s Best Movie Is Being Taken Off Netflix

Brad Pitt gave his best performance ever in David Fincher's serial killer thriller Seven, which is leaving Netflix soon.

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Brad Pitt fans only have a few more weeks to find out what really is in that box as one of the actor’s most talked about films, Seven is winding down its time on Netflix. The critically acclaimed David Fincher-helmed thriller has enjoyed a long run on the streamer, but sadly its time has come to an end. Long before the Fight Club actor began talking about his retirement or his troubles with face blindness, the film saw a massive amount of success and is still comfortably resting on Rotten Tomatoes with an 82% critics rating and an even higher 95% audience rating, making it one you’ll want to watch whether it be for the first time or for the seventh.

The 1995 psychological thriller saw Brad Pitt starring as a detective named David Mills who finds himself teamed up with Morgan Freeman’s jaded and soon-to-be-retired Detective William Somerset. Together, the duo is attempting to track down a serial killer (Kevin Spacey) who is using the seven deadly sins as the inspiration behind his shocking kills. Gwyneth Paltrow also stars as Tracy Mills, David Mills’ pregnant wife, as well as Scrubs and Office Space funny guy, John C. McGinley in a role that departs from his usual comedic musings. 

While many fans of the popular feature couldn’t imagine anyone else stepping into the roles of either of the detectives, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman weren’t the only two big names in Hollywood to be approached for their respective parts. Scarface and The Godfather star, Al Pacino was made an offer that he ultimately refused to portray Freeman’s Detective Somerset, choosing instead to do the political drama City Hall, while both Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone brushed off the chance to play Detective Mills. Legendary actors Robert Duvall and Gene Hackman also were offered the role of Detective Somerset before it landed in Freeman’s hands. 

Seven dropped in September of 1995 raking in $13.9 million during its big opening weekend. Over the course of its theatrical run, it would find itself earning $327.3 million around the globe which landed it in the seventh highest-grossing-film spot that year. For its star, Brad Pitt, the film would be the actor’s eighth top-grossing film of his career, with his first being 2013’s action horror flick, World War Z, and the second being Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the latter of which possibly brought in extra viewers who were intrigued to see the chemistry between Pitt and his now ex, Angelina Jolie, in a project that allegedly tore him and his then-wife, Jennifer Aniston apart. 

While Seven was well received by the critics, many would say that Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and David Fincher were snubbed for their chances at winning Academy Awards in their respective roles as not one of the trio received nominations for their parts in making the film. The only Oscar nomination given to the psychological thriller would be for Best Film Editing, an honor that would ultimately go to the eye behind that year’s award circuit darling, Apollo 13. Outside the Oscars, the film would catch the eye of several other awards shows including the British Academy Film Awards, the Saturn Awards, and the fan-favorite MTV Movie Awards.

While this Brad Pitt feature may be on its way off the streaming platform, Netflix has plenty of ways for fans to feast their eyes on the actor’s legendary good looks. From his role in the 1992 drama A River Runs Through It, to the 2004 war epic Troy, and the 2015 romance By the Sea, there’s a total of eight Pitt-led films for those grieving the loss of Seven to check out for their next movie night.  

As for his upcoming work, Brad Pitt most recently appeared in the summer thriller Bullet Train, where it was reported that his good looks were distracting some of his peers. Putting his talents behind the camera, as well as in front of it, he has a slew of projects on his docket including credits as a producer in Maria Schrader’s upcoming biographical drama, She Said, which will center its story on the sexual assault and abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein; the Sarah Polley helmed drama Women Talking; and Andrew Dominik’s highly anticipated Blonde, a psychological drama centered around the life of Marilyn Monroe. As for when we can next expect Pitt to be the subject of the lens, he’ll soon star in Damien Chazelle’s roaring ‘20s film, Babylon.