Brad Pitt’s Racing Movie With Top Gun Director Has An Exciting New Development

By Erika Hanson | 1 week ago

brad pitt top gun

There’s a new racing movie on the horizon, and the excitement building up just got a little better with developing news. Reports stemming from a few months back hinted that Hollywood charmer Brad Pitt was teaming up with Top Gun: Maverick director to create a brand new formula one racing film. After a long and reportedly heated bidding war between numerous studios, Apple TV was reported to have recently won the bidding war and will be throttling Brad Pitt on screen again.

As Deadline reported, Apple is in exclusive negotiations and is close to finalizing its first major film package for the new year. The untitled racecar film is set to be helmed by the upcoming and highly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick director, Joseph Kosinski. Ehren Kruger, formerly of the Transformers franchise, will write the script. While the duo working the project behind the scenes is promising, the real seller is the star of the film, Brad Pitt. 

While most details surrounding the movie are still under wraps, we do know that Brad Pitt will play a retired racer who steps back into the pit to mentor a young driver, taking his final stab at glory on the track. And apparently, Brad Pitt has had his staggering blue eyes set on creating a race car film for quite some time. Both Pitt and Kosinski once attempted to make a different racing movie together. The film was set to be titled Go Like Hell. Pitt would have played renowned racecar driver, Carrol Shelby. However, for reasons unknown, the project never came to fruition. Instead, it would be Matt Damon and Christian Bale that helmed a Carrol Shelby project with 2019’s Academy-winning Ford V Ferrari.

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Sources said the bidding for the untitled project skyrocketed over $130 million for above-the-line compensation. Officially taken to the market for bidding last weekend, six major studios including Paramount, MGM, Sony, Universal, Netflix, and Amazon were all reported to have bid on the project. But it was fairly newcomer to the streaming industry, Apple, that snagged the coveted project with Brad Pitt and the Top Gun: Maverick director. Apple TV has been making big waves in the two short years of its existence. Ramping up the streaming services’ original content, last year brought the company success with projects like the Emmy-winning phenomenon, Ted Lasso. On the film side, they have been busy snagging other deals such as the recent one with esteemed filmmaker Martin Scorsese for the upcoming film Killers of the Flower Moon starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 

At 58 years old, Brad Pitt is showing no signs of growing tired of his career choice. While 2021 didn’t produce any new films showcasing one of Hollywood’s favorite chiseled faces, the new year will host the actor in three new films. One of those slated projects, The Lost City will hit theatres on March 25th and features a highly anticipated cameo from the Hollywood vet in what looks like a hilariously campy matter. Similarly, Apple seems to have quite the eye for Pitt, as the racing film project marks the second movie package megadeal under Apple and Pitt’s belt. Just a few months ago, Apple acquired an untitled film that Spider-Man director Jon Watts will helm, with Pitt and George Clooney starring as two lone wolf “fixers” assigned on the same job.