Brad Pitt’s Sexiest Thriller Is Streaming For Free Right Now

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Mr. and Mrs. Smith is streaming for free (with ads) on Tubi.

By Jesse Chagnon | Updated

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Brad Pitt has always been a box office draw, selling tickets to his movies based on his name alone. Now you can stream one of his more famous movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith., which co-stars his ex-wife Angelina Jolie as a pair of killers for hire who don’t know about the other’s secret life. Right now, the movie is available to watch free (with ads) on Tubi.

Brad Pitt is known the world over for his large body of work, and his classic Hollywood good looks, making it hard for us to pick a favorite Brad Pitt movie. With hits from war movies like Fury to his earlier cult classics like True Romance, there are almost too many great choices. Even with a wide breadth of choices, Mr. and Mrs. Smith makes it onto the list of the actor’s most popular films.

Watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith now, it is hard to fathom how big of a deal it was at the time of release. Brad Pitt and Angelin Jolie were massive stars, leading films like Ocean’s Eleven and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Both actors’ movies would draw in large crowds and having them as co-leads in a major production was a major selling point.

However, despite having the interesting premise of married assassins who are unaware they are professional rivals, a lot of the press surrounding the movie focused on Brad Pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie, which was embroiled in controversy. Rumors swirled about the pair being more than co-stars almost from the get-go and knowing what we know now, it is not hard to see why.

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When filming began on Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston, herself a massive star on television. But acting together as husband and wife eventually led to Pitt and Jolie forming an intense relationship that would dominate the gossip headlines for years afterward. Between their marriage, and the various films of the two, there was no shortage of things to say about the couple dubbed “Brangelina.”

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie clearly had chemistry on the set of the movie. We can see it in their performances and it certainly helped the success of the film, but also has a lot to do with the two becoming a couple. Despite the relationship drama, the spy thriller is loaded with creative action scenes, stunning set pieces, and some humorous banter between the two leads.

Having most interviews focus more on how the stars got together instead of the content of the movie itself didn’t seem to hurt Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The movie earned an impressive $478.2 million worldwide. It became the seventh highest-grossing movie of 2005, which is quite the feat considering some very popular movies came out that year, like Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and War of the Worlds.

Just a little over 10 years later, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would split up. Their divorce was finalized a few years later in 2019. Despite the divorce, things looked rosy for the two world-famous actors. They seemed to be on good terms and were co-parenting their children. In recent days, Brad Pitt’s star has started to fade due to allegations about his personal life from Jolie. However, Mr. and Mrs. Smith still holds up as an entertaining spy movie.