Brad Pitt Reveals His First Ever On-Screen Sex Scene

In an interview with W Magazine, Brad Pitt shared that his first on-screen love scene was in Dallas, the hit 1980's primetime network drama.

By Jonathan Klotz | Published

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Hunky heartthrob Brad Pitt has been setting screens on fire for over 35 years, ever since his first acting role in 1987. In a recent interview with W Magazine, the Meet Joe Black star opened up about his first love scene, which was part of a major show at the time but has since faded from popular memory. In what sounds like the answer to a bar trivia question, Pitt’s first sex scene was on Dallas, one of the biggest dramas of the 80’s.

Brad Pitt guest-starred in four episodes of Dallas between 1987 and 1988, as Randy, with the star describing his sex scene with Shalane McCall as “I had to roll around in the hay in a barn. I don’t think I had a line. I was just rolling and frolicking.”

At the time of his appearance on Dallas, Brad Pitt was only 24 years old, and his co-star, McCall, was just 15 at the time. According to Hollywood rumor and innuendo, the two were actually dating at the time, which is something the Bullet Train is likely to never talk about, ever. A few years later, Pitt had his big breakthrough in Thelma & Louise, along with what was his first big-screen sex scene.

Moving the age difference in the other direction, Brad Pitt made a lasting impact on moviegoers when he disrobed opposite Geena Davis, who is seven years older than the actor. “Yeah, that was my entry into the big leagues, I guess, Geena was so sweet and kind and delicate. That love scene, I think, went on for two days of shooting. She took care of me.”

Thelma & Louise would go on to be a massive hit, earning Davis the Oscar for Best Actress, while also shooting Brad Pitt directly into the stratosphere, earning the handsome actor his first leading-man roles in A River Runs Through It, Legends of the Fall, and Interview With A Vampire. While all three films took full advantage of the star’s amazingly good looks, it his next two roles that truly made the public aware of just how good of an actor Pitt is: Seven and 12 Monkeys.

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Brad Pitt from Thelma & Louise

In neither of Brad Pitt’s films that released in 1995, both of which are still among the best of his career, does he have a love scene. Gwyneth Paltrow famously plays Tracy, the wife of Pitt’s Detective Mills, but their most famous scene together technically doesn’t even have Paltrow in it. In the span of seven years, the Mr. and Mrs. Smith star went from rolling around in the hay to winning major acting awards while starring opposite superstars Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.

It’s no wonder that the very first love scene featuring Brad Pitt has been mostly lost to the mists of time given the body of work he’s produced since the 80’s. His latest film, Babylon, may have been a box office flop but the film starring Margot Robbie was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Musical, along with Pitt receiving a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. At the moment, the Ad Astra star has no projects publicly listed, so hopefully he’s enjoying some well-deserved time off.