Brad Pitt Fails To Stop Killing People In Bullet Train Trailer

By Nathan Kamal | 3 months ago

brad pitt

A trailer for the new Brad Pitt movie has just dropped, and it is a pretty awesome one. Bullet Train, which stars Pitt and basically everyone, takes place on a Japanese high-speed railway train (or “bullet train” for those who like things to sound as cool as possible). Pitt plays an assassin named Ladybug, who seems to be trying to get out of the game, but is having one of those classic “one last job” kind of days. A coterie of other assassins appear on the train, played by the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree-Henry, Joey King and Zazie Beetz. A silver briefcase is involved, which everyone seems to want, and there is a whole lot of Pitt being beat up. Check out the trailer here: 

Bullet Train also appears to have Brad Pitt back in goofy-Pitt mode, as seen in films like the Coen Brothers’ spy satire Burn After Reading and that scene in Meet Joe Black where he suddenly gets hit by a car. While his character of Ladybug seems more competent than either of those characters, it is definitely Pitt in a more lighthearted, quippy mode (even as people try to stab him multiple times in a single trailer). Pitt also seems to be doing his best to tone down his naturally angelic good looks, covering himself up with a New Radicals-style bucket hat and a dad jacket. See for yourself:

brad pitt

It also makes sense that Brad Pitt would be letting his hair down and letting the brutally humorous tone take over. Bullet Train is directed by David Leitch, the former stuntman and co-director of action classic John Wick. Since that Keanu Reeves exploded the scene of martial arts-assassin-Russian movers with that movie, Leitch has been in high demand as a director. He also directed Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2 and Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, both of which are notable for their irreverent tone. Fun fact: in his previous career, Leitch acted as a stunt double for Pitt five different times. 

The humorous tone of Bullet Train also connects with Pitt’s other big movie of the year, The Lost City. While the leads of that movie are Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock, Pitt definitely made the biggest splash in that trailer as a long-haired, ridiculously charming mysterious hero who sweeps in to save Bullock’s hapless romance novel author. And while we don’t see Bullock on screen here, her very distinctive voice is notable as Pitt’s handler. 

Bullet Train also features actor Michael Shannon in an undisclosed role, but most likely as some nemesis of Brad Pitt, and it is super-easy to miss the star of The Shape of Water if you’re not looking for him. After all, it’s not every day you see Shannon decked out in long hair, sunglasses and hand tattoos, brooding at camera with the menace only he can.  Check it out:

michael shannon

After delays, Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt is due to be released in theaters on July 15.