Why #BoycottDisney Is Trending

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago


Disney has now been at the forefront of a battle between legislation that was passed in Florida and its own employees. Representatives of the LGBTQ and allies put together a massive walkout in protest of the company note condemning a bill called “Parental Rights in Education.” This bill is also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. The recently passed bill effectively allows the education system in Florida to allow teachers not to speak on gender identity and sexual orientation to children below the third grade. It is yet another instance in which the LGBTQ community feels they are being silenced. Based on that bill and the pushback from the public, Disney President Karey Burke now states that moving forward, films in the Disney catalog will contain much more LGBTQ representation. This video has led to the hashtag, #BoycottDisney appearing on Twitter, due to massive outrage from Disney wanting to include more LGBTQ representation in their stories. You can see the video of Karey Burke’s announcement below:

The politically divided landscape of the United States has led to a myriad of issues that often sees people fight one another on issues, and civil discourse seems to fail at every turn. Now Twitter is exploding with people pushing back against this announcement of adding at least 50% more characters from the LGBTQ community. The #BoycottDisney hashtag is now being used to signify that people will not be in favor of Disney adding more stories that contain LGBTQ representation.

Much like the Twitter user above, there are plenty of people claiming this new way of representation exists to “groom” children. Education matters a great deal, but apparently, LGBTQ education is not among what should be learned. Things are certainly heating up right now for #BoycottDisney.

The above Twitter user thought to show a graphic breaking down all the businesses that Disney owns so that #BoycottDisney will be more effective. While this is certainly going to take some time to look through, it could also be impossible. Disney owns everything.

Somehow stating things simply is most effective. A big red circle around Mickey drives home this Twitter user’s point. Now #BoycottDisney makes a ton more sense. No more mouse, no more anything.

Apparently teaching children about inclusion and different ways of life is seen as sexual perversion. This is certainly a big #BoycottDisney post that leans heavily into the grooming argument. Good luck not allowing your children to watch anything Disney-related.

There is no denying that Disney executives have destroyed the company. Look at the last Star Wars trilogy. This user might be alluding to that fact with their #BoycottDisney post, and it would honestly be warranted.

Disney will need to do something to find a common ground for all its customers and its employees. While the announcement that more LGBTQ representation went over well, it appears as if adding 50% more was too much for the internet. However, you fall on either side of the coin, maybe yelling about it to some stranger on the internet isn’t going to help matters either. This new #BoycottDisney movement is clearly not going anywhere either, at least for the remainder of this week.