The Bob’s Burgers Movie Serves Sexy Burgers And Sinkholes In New Trailer

By Erika Hanson | 2 seconds ago

bob's burger movie

Bob’s Burgers has been revitalizing the drab animated sitcom genre for eleven long years. And now, America’s favorite burger-slinging family is heading for the box office. With the upcoming spring release of the sitcom’s first feature film, Bob’s Burger movie trailer teases fans with a sexy burger ad that could have been plucked right from Burger King or Carl’s Jr. marketing team. 

See the trailer for yourself below:

With what starts out like a salacious ad for burgers, the Bob’s Burgers movie trailer voiceover features a man asking “are you in for something good?” as flashes of burger toppings drip across the screen. Linda Belcher’s unmistakable voice cuts in with a sensual “ooh yeah” before the clip cuts to the animation, revealing Linda dressed in the family’s burger mascot costume–complete with a sexy bikini to draw customers in. As her husband and owner of the burger joint tries to pipe in and save his bubbly wife from embarrassment, Linda replies, “What? It’s summer, and sex sells baby.” The rest of the 1 minute 30-second teaser trailer depicts plenty of scenes from the upcoming movie that show Bob, Linda, and their three quirky children, Tina, Gene, and Louise, out on everyday adventures that somehow always turn awry for the Belcher family. 

The Bob’s Burgers movie is being touted as a musical comedy-mystery-adventure.  The feature film will follow the trials of the Belcher family after a sinkhole opens in front of their family restaurant and home. After severing the family from the source of their livelihood, Linda and Bob set out to find new business strategies to keep Bob’s Burgers afloat, while their three children band together to embark on yet another adventure to save their parents. The ensemble cast will lend their voices once again for the movie with H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and Larry Murphy.

Currently in the series 12th season, Bob’s Burgers is the mastermind of Loren Bouchard. After gaining success with his animated shorts, Home Movies, Bento Box Entertainment picked up production and the sitcom landed a home on Fox. With instant success that drew in over 9.39 million viewers for the series premiere, the Bob’s Burgers movie has surely been earned. Unlike other popular animated sitcoms like Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers won over viewers’ hearts without overplaying the crude humor and vulgar language often seen in such sitcoms. As a more family-friendly option for late-night tv, the series has remained consistent over its long tenure-keeping things lighthearted yet still somehow over-the-top hilarious. 

First announced back in 2017, the Bob’s Burgers movie news broke after the series received its second Primetime Emmy Award. First winning for the category of best outstanding animated program in 2014, Bob’s Burgers landed its second win, seemingly cementing plans for a feature film. Since the series inception, the Bob’s Burger craze that swept the nation has called for plenty of other opportunities. In 2014, a comic book series based on the show was published by Dynamite Entertainment. Similarly, a soundtrack album was released on Sub Pop records in 2017, with a second volume announced this past summer. As fans wait to sink their teeth into the feature film that debuts on May 27th, they can catch up on the current season as new episodes air Sunday nights on Fox.