Bob Odenkirk Updates His Fans On His Health Scare

This week, Bob Odenkirk was able to update his fans about his most recent health scare. He suffered a scary heart attack back in July

By Doug Norrie | Published

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Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk had a scare on the set of Better Call Saul a couple of months ago, necessitating an emergency trip to the hospital and a stay there as well. But it appears he is on the mend now, back on set and filming. He shared a photo to Twitter with a moderate health update that makes it appear everything is back and firing on all cylinders again for the talented actor. 

In the Tweet, which has close to 204K likes on the platform, Bob Odenkirk is in the makeup chair for Better Call Saul, with makeup artist Cheri Montesanto, giving thanks for being able to be back in a place he clearly loves so much. What a fantastic sign for the actor who had an incredibly scary experience back in July. Check out what Odenkirk had to share and it sure is good to know he is fully on the mend. 

In July, while filming the sixth season of Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk collapsed on set and needed immediate medical attention. An ambulance had to come to the scene and it required a stay at the hospital. The final diagnosis was that Odenkirk had suffered a minor heart attack. Apparently, it is treatable and manageable though because he was able to leave the hospital shortly after and only a few months later he is back at work. 

It is a big season for Bob Odenkirk and company on Better Call Saul. Season six will be the show’s last, wrapping up a fantastic and somewhat improbable run for Saul Goodman who started his arc originally on Breaking Bad. This latest series, brought again by creator and showrunner Vince Gilligan explores the backstory of Goodman who begins the series as Jimmy McGill. It is meant to give the run-up to the events of Bryan Cranston’s arc as Walter White in Breaking Bad. The show is excellent as was its predecessor, carefully weaving the lives of this group together though we know most are doomed. 

And in the spring Bob Odenkirk showed off some of his action chops in Nobody. The flick tells the story of Hutch “Nobody” Mansell who is drawn back into the life of government espionage. He is a former CIA operative, now retired and just trying to live a peaceful life in the suburbs. Though he’s been somewhat marginalized as a family man now that he’s out of the game, his past comes back to catch up with him in a big way. Odenkirk pulled it off as a guy who wants out of the life but has all of the skills to keep him in it. 

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With his health scare apparently behind him, it is great to see Bob Odenkirk back to work. This final season of Better Call Saul is expected to hit AMC sometime in 2022. The actor doesn’t have much in the way of acting gigs lined up for after the show, but maybe after this medical experience over the summer, he is ready for a break anyway.