Blue’s Clues’ Steve Asks A Very Important Question In Hilarious New Ad From Ryan Reynolds

Blue's Clues Steve is back with a new ad made by Ryan Reynolds, which answers the question "what is a f***load?"

By James Brizuela | Published

If you happened to have grown up in the late 1990s, you may have done so while watching Blue’s Clues, which starred Steve Burns and a somewhat talking blue dog named Blue. Well, now Steve is back in a new ad that was designed by Ryan Reynolds‘s media company, that holds the same inquisitive nature of the children’s show. However, in this ad, Steve is trying to figure out, “what is a f***load?”

As you can see from the above ad, Blue’s Clues Steve attempts to get the answer to correctly identify what a “f***load” is. While some might see this new ad as a complete parody, it is very real, as the company that is being presented is very real as well. Ryan Reynolds has partnered with Flock Freight to showcase the shipping company’s ability to handle any size of load, including identifying what constitutes a “f***load.”

Jill Lyons, who is an executive with Flock Freight, sits down with Blue’s Clues Steve to answer the questions he has about quantifying the many idioms we use for measuring items. They go from answering what a “f***load is” to also tackling what a “s***load” is as well. You have to hand it to Ryan Reynolds’s media company, Maximum Effort, as this commercial is quite hilarious, and should help bring in many people.

blue's clues steve

Using Blue’s Clues Steve in this ad is quite a great move, as many of us hold the man as one of our childhood’s best figures, as he is on par with Reading Rainbow’s LaVar Burton. While some might be a little bit offended by Steve asking these questions while using some more provocative language, he still showcases that same level of charm and wonder while asking Lyons to explain these measurements. He even points out that “truckload” and “f***load” rhyme, which is certainly a Blue’s Clues move.

Blue’s Clues Steve is also investigating this matter in the same way that he investigated things on the children’s show, which makes this ad that much more hilarious. It has been quite a long time since Steve appeared in the series, though he is set to return in Blue’s Clues City Adventure, which is bringing together all three hosts of the children’s show. The new movie is sort of the Blue’s Clues version of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Blue’s Clues Steve also appeared in a social media video last year, which touched the hearts of many people. The viral video showcased Steve Burns speaking to the world about how we used to hang out with him and Blue. The celebratory 25th Blue’s Clues anniversary video was quite heartwarming.

While Blue’s Clues Steve may have taken a long time off from the franchise that made him famous, he has still found ways to return and speak on how special it was for him to be in the position to inspire children around the world. Granted, the above video is far from what we used to hear on Blue’s Clues, but it still holds on to what made this man so special.