Electric Blue Dogs Photographed In The Wilds Of Russia

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

blue dogs

Glowing blue dogs wandering the wilds of Russia wasn’t a news story I thought we’d ever see outside of some apocalyptic science-fiction novel. But these days literally anything is on the table and we need to prepare for any and all canine possibilities. That’s the case with a group of dogs who’ve been spotted in and around the Dzerzhinsk area in Russia. They have a clear and totally unnatural blue hue that gives them almost a glowing effect. Here, check out what these things look like up close. 

While the idea of a pack of wild, rabid blue dogs offering up all manners of evil maybe be a frightening prospect, a sign that we’ve broken fully down into a war-torn world, the truth is a bit more explainable though no less troubling. This area of Russia is located close to a shuttered chemical plant that was decommissioned more than five years ago. It was used in the making of plexiglass and used a number of different chemical processes in manufacturing. Among other chemicals that could have leaked or been improperly contained, one, in particular, might be causing the issue. That would be copper sulfate which has a deep blue hue to it in its crystallized form. 

If these blue dogs were wandering around the chemical plant they likely came into contact with the blue copper sulfate which is likely spilled in and around the area. The chemical compound would have easily adhered to the fur causing the dogs to looked dyed in the process. It’s always disconcerting when you hear about an odd-looking animal and an abandoned chemical factory. That is usually how comic book origin or disaster stories start. But in this case, it looks more the circumstance of gross negligence than nefarious entities at work. 

And before we start to worry about the long-term health of these blue dogs, it’s worth noting that a lot of them were rounded up and taken to a veterinary clinic in the area. Sure, they looked weird but there didn’t appear to be any other immediate health concerns. This is great news, at least for the time being. Whether there are long-term downsides to rolling around in chemicals remains to be seen.

As of this writing, no one had stepped forward to adopt the blue dogs which really isn’t all that surprising. Short of the ability to scare your friends and family in certain scenarios, there is probably a significant downside to taking on a pup that’s been playing and living in and around chemical seepage and spills. It appears they were rounded up and put in a kennel environment but their future beyond that isn’t known. 

In terms of the coming apocalypse or takeover by genetically mutated dogs, I think we can rest easy on that front. This isn’t the Russian fighting off some evil underground creature. There is at least something of a logical, though no less sad, explanation. But we are in a day and age where weird news does make the ears perk up in a way it probably hasn’t in the past. So investigating any natural anomalies and making sense of them quickly is likely the best way to go before everyone starts freaking out.