Blue Beetle Is The Best Possible Movie For The New DC Universe, Here’s Why

Blue Beetle is the DCU movie that can help bring the comic movie company out of mediocrity.

By James Brizuela | Updated

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Everyone has watched the DC Universe try and fail over the past several years, and it might be because it’s been time to leave behind the dark and gritty universe that Zack Snyder built. Nothing against Snyder, but DC is badly in need of a resurgence, and Blue Beetle could be the movie to reset things in a more positive way. James Gunn and Peter Safran did announce their upcoming slate of movies, and canceled many others, though Blue Beetle was confirmed to be released by Gunn himself.

The Blue Beetle is quite a storied DC character, that has gone through many iterations, much like most of the characters in the expansive DC Universe. However, the world can now see a new hero that doesn’t outright have ties to Batman, Superman, and the rest of the Justice League. That is not to say that Blue Beetle doesn’t eventually have all that, as he is inducted into the Justice League, but seeing his journey there might be worth watching.

The DC Universe has been so hellbent on wanting to bring in the same core Justice League members repeatedly, which isn’t a terrible idea, but their formula has been lacking from the beginning. Instead of attempting to copy Marvel’s success, DC should have been focusing on solo stories that mean more: enter Blue Beetle. The character is a lesser-known hero to the casual superhero movie watchers, but big enough of a draw for comic readers, that we believe the movie will do quite well.

Also, it has been established that a Booster Gold series would be in the works, and one of Blue Beetle’s biggest allies is the Gold man himself. It appears that James Gunn and Peter Safran might be doing something that Marvel has not quite accomplished that well yet, and that is to combine the efforts of their shows and movies together. Gunn had confirmed that their new DC plan would combine all the storylines from movies, shows, and even video games.

This new plan is going to start with Blue Beetle being released, which is the best possible movie that DC could have made. Had the movie been canceled like Batgirl before it, then DC would have likely lost even more of its dwindling credibility. However, it appears that Gunn and Safran saw the value of wanting to hoist up some lesser-known heroes that might identify with fans a bit more.

Xolo Maridueña is also a fantastic actor that has gained a following from appearing in Cobra Kai, so he could become a central figure in the DCU that everyone is a fan of.

James Gunn also knows how to bring the best out of underdog stories, as he did that exact thing with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Before, many people had no idea who this space-fighting Avengers-like team was unless they were avid comic readers. Now, the Guardians are a household name, which is something we see happening with Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle features a great story that revolves around a mystical scarab that is attached to Jamie Reyes’s body, leaving him with superpowers. The backstory of the scarab’s origins can certainly be described in the new movie, with the passing of the torch happening from previous Blue Beetle heroes: Dan Garrett and Ted Kord.

Blue Beetle is also releasing on August 18, 2023, which is the perfect time for the summer blockbuster cinema runs. DC needs a fun movie to break up the mess and monotony that the Snyderverse created. Sometimes the world needs to be able to just follow along with a fun story, and not be bogged down by loss and grief, and the fun nature of Blue Beetle is something that DC desperately needs right now.