Blake Lively To Work With Legendary Filmmaker For Upcoming Project

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

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Blake Lively is set to make her directorial debut. Not only that but she is paired with some high-level talent in the filmmaking world for this feature. Legendary filmmaker, Edgar Wright, is set to produce the film that Lively will direct. The story of this film is from a creator who should be familiar to those who have appreciated Wright’s work. Brian Lee O’Malley, who famously wrote Scott Pilgrim, is offering another of his graphic novels to be adapted on the big screen. Wright, as most know, is the famed director behind the fan-favorite Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Now he will produce, Seconds, another comic story that was written by O’Malley. Lively will be running the show with Wright backing her up.

On top of Edgar Wright producing the film, he has also adapted the screenplay. Wright is joined by Marc Platt on the producing front. Platt is a three-time Oscar nominee for his work on The Trial of the Chicago 7, La La Land, and Bridge of Spies. The film will be produced via Searchlight Pictures. Blake Lively comes in as director for her feature debut, with previous experience directing the music video for the Taylor Swift song, “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version).” She has also slowed down in her acting roles, with her last starring role being in 2020, where she starred in The Rhythm Section. Jude Law and Sterling K. Brown were among the high-level cast joining Lively in the film. Lively has been ramping up her acting appearances recently, as she is slated to appear in The Making Of, which is a romantic comedy of sorts with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Richard Gere, and Diane Keaton. The film is currently in the pre-production stages.

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Seconds is based on a girl named Katie Clay, who finds she possess the ability to correct her mistakes. She does this by writing these mistakes in her notebook, eating a magical mushroom, and going to sleep. Turning back time on her mistakes then starts to spiral out of control, as she realizes that new problems begin to pop up, which make her life that much more difficult. She also begins to mess with the fabric of space and time, which causes even more chaotic happenings. The book was initially published in 2014. Although Blake Lively has no prior film directing experience, she clearly has some great ideas in terms of how she sees Seconds playing out in film form. Based on how beloved O’Malley’s writing is, and the care that Edgard Wright has given it, Wright clearly sees a ton of benefit with Lively at the helm.

Blake Lively may have her work cut out for her, but she is likely to be consulted by Edgar Wright through the process of making Seconds. The man is a highly revered director and writer, and should this film be as accepted as Scott Pilgrim, it will undoubtedly open many more doors for Lively. Seconds has only been announced, and we will have to wait to see who is cast in this new sci-fi story.