Blake Lively Set To Star In A Comic Book Movie

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

blake lively

Blake Lively is set to make a comic book movie turn coming soon. It’s just the way of the future within the world of movies in which every actor or actress will, at some point, have taken a turn on the big screen adapting something from the animated pages. Lively is no different and this project looks pretty exciting. The Hollywood Reporter has it that Lively will be joining the cast of Lady Killer which has Diablo Cody penning the script. It’s definitely looking like a different kind of comic book film and for sure different than other projects Lively has worked on in the past. 

This latest adaptation stems from the Lady Killer comic book series published by Dark Horse Entertainment. With a 1950s vibe to it, the story is about Josie Schuller, a mild-mannered housewife by day and a trained killer for hire by night. In the comics, she’s actually employed by a criminal organization to start who aren’t all that psyched she doubles as a suburban do-gooder raising her kids and tending to her family. It sets them on a collision course. Blake Lively will play the Schuller character. 

blake lively

In terms of comic book adaptations, this movie looks like it will mostly be a period piece, set in the *wholesome* 1950s with all of the societal backdrops you’d envision. It’s likely to be a bit more stripped down than other comic book fare in this respect, though Blake Lively should fit right in. The actress can look the every-woman part while also hiding a darker side, something behind the idealistic veneer of the Ozzie and Harriet surrounding. Frankly, this kind of film could really take off. 

Blake Lively in Lady Killer gets its green light from Netflix as the streaming platform continues to push forward big-budget productions around major stars. They also have another Dark Horse Comics work The Umbrella Academy gearing up for its third season. That show has been a massive hit with a decidedly different tone than other things we’ve seen in the genre. Their other feature titles include Hellboy and plenty of Frank Miller’s work as well. They keep their style in line with the name, dark across the board.


blake lively

This will be the first time Blake Lively will have worked with acclaimed writer Diablo Cody. The latter has taken on some superhero work lately specifically with her television adaptation of a live-action Powerpuff which is set to join CW’s The Arrowverse. That series will catch up with the titular trio in their adult years following the stint as kindergarten crimefighters. 

As for Blake Lively, she’s been keeping more than a little busy following her time on Gossip Girl. She was recently in 2020s The Rhythm Section which was in the action thriller vibe, though that one centered a bit more around the espionage angle and less in the hitwoman-by-night vein. She’s next set to star in The Husband’s Secret which is in pre-production. 

This new role in Lady Killer could turn into something of a franchise for Blake Lively going forward if the movie is well-received. Considering what Netflix has done in this space, the on-screen talent of Lively and the writing chops of Cody, there’s good reason to expect an awesome production.