Blade Runner’s New Series: Sneak Peek At The Show’s Incredible Opening

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

blade runner black lotus

Blade Runner fans are going to want to tune into this one because the franchise is heading in a totally new direction coming soon that will kick things into an even more haunting and visual direction. This is really saying something considering what we have already seen in this world. The opening scene for Blade Runner: Black Lotus has just released and, frankly, it looks amazing. With a definite sense of the future and a dark look at what is to come in this story, the opening teaser sets the stage for what could be a truly magnificent show. 

Crunchyroll released the Blade Runner: Black Lotus opening theme to add additional intrigue to a show that is set to explore a new timeline in the franchise. The anime production looks very much like it keeps some key hallmarks of what we’ve seen before in previous iterations, but given the new visual style, Blade Runner appears like it is a world created for this kind of style. The opening moves us in and out of an animated and futuristic Los Angeles while also interspersing references to our human selves and the Black Lotus as well. Check out the stunning opening

In the neon-infused darkness of Blade Runner: Black Lotus opening theme, we start to get a sense of this new world. Set over Alessia Cara’s “Feel You Now”, we are flown through the streets of the city, deep in the dark of night.  And there is the black lotus, with a laser red beam shooting out behind what eventually becomes an eye. It is clear we are well into the future here and the show holds quite a few mysteries

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is set to take place 13 years following the events of the original Blade Runner film and 17 years before the reboot/ sequel Blade Runner 2047. It is Los Angeles 2032 and the series will follow the story of Elle, a replicant who holds a secret even she doesn’t totally understand. The series will focus on the mystery around her creation and what exactly her purpose is in this world. 

The series is set to introduce new characters into the Blade Runner world but apparently, there will also be familiar faces in the mix as well. We know because of the use of replicants and advanced technology, aging isn’t what it used to be in this world, and the series is set to establish an even broader world for the franchise. Considering the original movie came out nearly 40 years ago, all the way back in 1982 it is a sign that the staying power of the original story (based on the work of Phillip K. Dick) is alive and well. 

Blade Runner: Black Lotus is due out later this year and is a joint production between anime giant Crunchyroll and the Adult Swim content block on the Cartoon Network. It sure looks like a worthy addition to the group and if the first teaser and this opening theme is any indication, we might just have a great show on our hands.