Black Widow 2 Villain Has Already Been Chosen And It’s A Major Mutant

By Doug Norrie | 4 weeks ago

Black Widow Scarlett Johansson Florence Pugh
Black Widow 2 villain

The first film in the franchise hasn’t even officially dropped yet and we already know what the Black Widow 2 villain will be. That’s the nature of comic book movies these days in that we can comfortably move on to the next story before the first one even comes out. What are we doing if not looking ahead? So it is that Geekosity is reporting that Omega Red will be the primary villain in the next film when it finally hits, with no word whether he’ll be actually featured in the first one when it comes out this summer. 

This Black Widow 2 villain comes right from the comic book pages with Omega Red having roots in Russia as part of the origin story. He was originally Arkady Rossovich, a serial killer who eventually was experimented on by the Russian government. A familiar story in the printed pages, having a twinge of mutant genes, extraordinary healing processes, and then getting pumped full of super solider serum alternatives to complete the process.

The Black Widow 2 villain will be a formidable opponent for whoever takes on the titular character seeing as there could be a couple of different choices there. Omega Red has many of the mutant hallmarks like super speed and strength but also has the ability to weaken this around him with spores he secretes from his body. These cause maximum damage, think something like sweaty body odor that can actually kill you. And for extra evil-ness, he also has retractable coils that come out of his wrists. These are somewhat equivalent to Wolverine’s claws in their nature, but can extend further distances a la Doctor Octopus. 

black widow 2 villain

While it’s great to start getting a feel for the Black Widow 2 villain, it might be putting the mutant cart before the horse just a bit. That’s because Black Widow hasn’t even hit screens yet. As one of the first movies to be really effected by the pandemic-related theater closings, the film has been continually pushed back over the last year-plus. It was originally slated to hit theaters in May of last year. But that was scrapped at the time and now it targeting a July 9th opening on the big screen. 

Because the arc of Black Widow is set to follow the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier tracing some of Natasha Romanov’s time well before the events of the final Avengers movies, it had a longer leash in terms of release dates. It appears to be more of a standalone story about Scarlett Johansson’s Romanov that fills in some gaps around her past. In this way, there was a rush to get it out there during the pandemic. And though the Black Widow 2 villain is Omega Red, she’ll have a different character to deal with in this movie. That will be David Harbour playing Red Guardian, a super soldier in his own right. 

We aren’t sure if the Omega Red as the Black Widow 2 villain will be taking on Johannson as Romanov or possibly Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova. Because we know Romanov’s ultimate fate, it stands to reason Pugh takes over the franchise moving forward considering her character was trained in the same Black Widow protocol and has the same name from the comic books. This first movie will likely tell us quite a bit about what the future stories hold.