Black Panther 2’s Review Scores Are Plummeting

Black Panther 2 Rotten Tomatoes score has dropped from 94% to 86%.

By James Brizuela | Published

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is set to premiere this weekend, but the early reviews for the new MCU entry have already begun to start pouring out. While the early reviews had the Marvel movie pegged at a “fresh” rating of 94%, those scores have now dropped down to 86%. That is a huge difference and could be the start of a trend that sees Black Panther 2 fall to a much lower level in the coming weeks.

Black Panther 2 might be dropping based on the runtime for the new movie, which is close to three hours, which is sometimes a bit too long for the standard moviegoer. Also, a lot of the negative reviews are stating that the sequel is certainly being hurt based on Chadwick Boseman not leading the way, which we all expected to happen. Boseman was charismatic as T’Challa and his not being in the movie was always going to be a negative no matter what.

new black panther
Black Panther 2

Although Black Panther 2 has dropped down to an 86% critic approval rating currently, that is still a respectable score by every measure. The first Black Panther movie has a 79% audience approval rating currently, and it ended up being one of the most successful Marvel movies to date, even nabbing an Academy Award recognition. While the scores for most movies tend to fluctuate when they first come out, it could be that critics are giving the sequel a bit more of a hard time.

Think about Venom, and how critics absolutely hated the movie, but it was a massive hit amongst the fanbase. It would go on to $856 million in worldwide box office numbers, making it a smash hit, even after it had been dragged by every critic. Should Black Panther 2 fall to a less favorable critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, that doesn’t mean that audiences are going to agree.

Black Panther 2 also signifies the end of Marvel’s Phase 4, so we would imagine that most of what happens is going to be set up for the Phase 5 and 6 stretches of continuity, meaning that the sequel might not do the best job at “wrapping” things up. It is always hard to end things, especially given the star of the franchise passed away, though we would imagine the sequel is still a heartfelt journey. Despite the review number dwindling, we are more than excited to see what happens in this sequel, especially with characters like Namor finally making their MCU debut.

Black Panther 2 officially comes out in theaters on November 11th, which is this Friday, and the excitement for the sequel has been plenty palpable. We are firm believers that paying attention only to reviews is something to avoid, especially if you are excited about a movie, that way you are not keeping yourself from seeing a new movie that is going to impact you. The Rotten Tomatoes reviews have also only dropped around 8%, which isn’t enough to cause concern right now, so go see Black Panther 2 and decide for yourself.