Black Canary Will Have A Major DC Co-Star?

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

black canary

The DC Extended Universe continues to grow with films and series though one would be forgiven if it is a little confusing about which characters line up with who in this world. There is less consistency in this universe than there is in Marvel’s with projects apparently splintering all of the time. But it looks like the upcoming Black Canary movie will try to tie in new characters and remain somewhat consistent within the previous Snyderverse iteration. We Got This Covered has it that Batgirl will be featured in the film with Leslie Grace’s character taking part in some fashion. 

Details on how Batgirl will factor into Black Canary are few right now, but this is obviously an attempt to keep some connectivity within the Snyderverse of characters, wrapping in a new (ish) group into the mix to extend off of the original Justice League group. Black Canary will have Jurnee Smollett reprise her character from Birds of Prey in what the studio is affectionately referring to as a “sidequel” to that film. While the flick was something of a box office flop, there are still plenty of stories to mine in this universe, and Smollett’s Dinah Lance will get a standalone story. 

With Batgirl in development right now as well in the DC Extended Universe, it is likely that the flick hits screens before Black Canary, meaning we would have an established storyline for Barbara Gordon by then. J.K. Simmons is reprising his Commissioner Gordon role in this one, now playing Barbara’s father, so we know that this will be in the same universe as Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Simmons is a carryover from that world. 

And there is creative overlap here as well. Christina Hodson handled the script for Birds of Prey and will now be penning the Batgirl script after Joss Whedon stepped down from the project a couple of years ago. We could see other characters brought into the mix for that film, prior to Black Canary especially if the studio is now incentivized to revitalize this particular timeline with a whole host of new faces. We might not see the Justice Leaguers, but there are plenty of other options to build out a more robust universe. 

Plus, apparently, Black Canary will include other DC characters beyond just Batgirl. Giant Freakin Robot had the exclusive that Green Arrow will also be introduced into this movie in some fashion. This will be the first time we have the Oliver Queen character among the group. That inclusion will be meant to set up a spinoff flick for Queen and considering the two characters have had romantic relationships this could play into the storyline as well. 

We are sure to continue hearing more news on the plans for Black Canary moving forward and considering the number of early rumors this could set up to be a fairly big ensemble film. That latter part would be an unexpected development considering the character’s place in the DC Universe. But again, the studio seems to be operating in a mini-reset mode around the Snyderverse so establishing new throughlines around characters does make sense.