Black Adam To Face The Joker?

Black Adam could cross over with the Joker or any DC character, according to Dwayne Johnson.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Black Adam was just released in theaters to the best opening numbers of Dwayne Johnson’s career as a leading man, but that is not enough for the man: he also is interested in facing off with the Joker. According to a recent interview with EstoEs COMBO, Dwayne Johnson says that not only could Black Adam cross over with other DC Universe characters, but he feels like the Man in Black should be crossing over with pretty much everyone. Dwayne Johnson specifically says that “Black Adam’s not over here and the Joker’s over here and, you know, Justice League is over here. In our world, they all exist. Because ideally in my mind, it’s a little crazy, they all cross paths, because the fans want that.”

Dwayne Johnson goes on to say that he thinks that the creative development process can overcome any obstacles to say, reconciling the world in which Black Adam (and Superman and the Suicide Squad) exist with any of the various realities in which the Joker has been portrayed. The current continuity in which Black Adam has emerged as the antiheroic protector of Khandaq appears to be the same one that Zack Snyder first established with Henry Cavill in Man of Steel, which means that presumably, the Jared Leto version of the Joker is the most viable one. On the other hand, pretty much no one seems interested in bringing all of that back, so who knows?

jared leto

After all, Jared Leto appears to have his own comic book adaptation series, since Morbius 2 is happening against all odds and the wishes of theater-goers. That does raise that interesting possibility of Black Adam encountering Joaquin Phoenix’s version of the Joker, though the narrative and tonal leaps that would be necessary for one cartoonishly grim, violent character to encounter each other are a lot to even conceptualize.

Also, it is pretty clear that more than anything else in the world, Dwayne Johnson wants Black Adam to fight Superman, which would be a much fairer fight than with the Joker. For what feels like months, Dwayne Johnson has been telling pretty much every media outlet in the world that he would really, really like his character to beat up Superman. Given the confirmation of our earlier report of Henry Cavill showing up in Black Adam for a post-credits scene to lay down some foreshadowing, it looks like this could be happening sooner rather than later.

In the same interview, Dwayne Johnson also notes that he basically is in a position where Warner Bros. Discovery will pretty much let him do whatever he wants, which seems completely accurate considering the general chaos at that company. As it stands, it seems that if Dwayne Johnson wants Black Adam to fight Superman, it’s going to happen, and if he wants him to meet the Joker, that is going to happen even more so.

Currently, Black Adam is having a massive opening weekend, which will probably put Warner Bros. Discovery even more in Dwayne Johnson’s pocket. Start placing your bets who he’ll fight next.